What Do Pregnant Women Want?

The marketing strategies outlined in “Neuromarketing And The Mommy Brain,” an article published today in the ad trade magazine Bizreport, are right out of Mad Men. I can just see it: Don Draper meets with sexy psychiatrist to once and for all answer the question: What do pregnant women want?

According Dr. Pradeep, an expert from an neuroscience-based ad firm, “Mommy Brain controls 80-85% of all U.S. household spending.” If marketers can tap this spending power the money will flow fast and strong. Check out this incredible quote:

“The millions of Moms across the country are an army–mobile, nimble, vigilant, in touch like never before through social media, and powerful–if your product or messages hit home with them, you have won over powerful allies who will support you through instant communication networks beyond anything you could create for yourself,” says Dr. Pradeep.

The mind reels. A mobile, nimble, vigilant army of pregnant women! It’s almost empowering. But not so fast. These experts have targeted brain changes in pregnant women in order to help companies get your money. Here’s the plan of attack :

– Sensory perception, particularly smell, is increased opening doors to explore ‘scent marketing’ or developing scents that appeal to pregnant women

– Feelings of empathy are heightened – marketers can tailor messaging and cause-marketing campaigns to tune into this state of mind

– Authenticity of products and marketing messages is more in demand by pregnant women.

OK neuro-marketers, here’s my “expert” take on your initiatives:

I am not so sure about the “scent marketing” concept.  Pregnant women have highly personal likes and (way more) dislikes when it comes to smells. I think most pregnant women would actually like a product that could eliminate all odors from the entire world. Can you make that happen?

The empathy concept seems reasonable, but I also think pregnant women can become more introverted and focused on the needs of their own families.  These women have a pretty serious focus for their empathy now and may not be looking for other places to dump excess love (and money).

The last one is pretty good. Pregnant women are hyperaware and I guess you could say more skeptical. But even with that armor of sensitivity to horse crap, powerful mythologies can always take hold. Pregnant women have a lot invested in happy endings and normalcy at a time when they are constantly talked to in terms of “risk.” I’d imagine that some happy, healthy, safe, picket-fence fantasies could lure a woman to get out her credit card. (How else can you explain the success of The Land Of Nod?)

What do you guys think? Do you want the world to smell better? Are you feeling generous? Do you want to the truth?

photo: AMC

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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