What I Miss About Not Being Pregnant

This is me and my barely bump in all of our first trimester, post-10-hour-day-spent-with-preschoolers-and-taken-with-my-iphone-at-an-arms-length, photo glory.

Now that I am in the final week of my first trimester, the reality of pregnancy is really setting in.  I’m beginning to realize that all of these little changes I’ve been making for the last 3 months still have to continue for the next six.  Six months is a long time.  Obviously, it’s going to be worth it, because at the end of all of this I’m going to have a baby and that’s will far outweigh the inconveniences of pregnancy (I know, I know…I haven’t seen anything yet – the third trimester is looming in the distance).

BUT…that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss some of my pre-pregnancy routines and indulgences.  I’m only human.

Here’s my little list of things I miss and wish I would’ve appreciated a little more prior to getting knocked up…

1.  Not reading the labels on my beauty products and slathering them on care free.

2.  Real zit cream and dandruff shampoo.  This all-natural stuff is crap and I’ve got the flakes to prove it.

3.  Thinking about things other than being pregnant.

4.  Not getting up during the night to pee.  I never got up P.P. (pre-pregnancy) and the adjustment has been rough.

5.  Sushi, turkey sandwiches and feta.  Right now I could totally go for a turkey, feta, spicy tuna sandwich.

6.  Not feeling bloated and getting dressed without worrying about looking like a puffer fish.

7.  Boobs that aren’t sore and fit into fancy lace bras.

8.  Espresso.  I live in Portland – one of the coffee capitals and am sworn off the stuff?  Not awesome.

9.  Summer cocktails.  Mojitos mostly and champagne.  Oh how I miss champagne!

10.  Sleeping comfortably on my stomach and back.  I’m still doing it, but I can only do it for short periods of time.


What do you miss from your pre-pregnancy days?  Feel free to commiserate in the comments section :).

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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