What to Wear for a Home Birth

I’m pretty sure that most people who give birth at home probably don’t think about what they’ll wear during labor. The idea being, if you’re crunchy enough to give birth in a tub at home, then you’re crunchy enough to do it au naturel. I myself happen to be a bit of a never nude. I mean, I don’t rock the jean short cut-offs or anything, but I’m definitely not a fan of nudity. I like to be clothed… what can I say?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I gave birth at an out-of-hospital birthing center and when I asked my midwives what I should wear to the birth, they kind of laughed. They assured me that I didn’t need to worry about it and that I would no doubt end up wanting to labor in the buff and I wouldn’t care if God and everyone was watching. Well, the time came and they were wrong. I didn’t want to labor in the buff. Even in my primal state, I wanted clothes.

So, I thought I’d share what I’ll be wearing to my home birth for this pregnancy!

  • A Comfy Swimsuit Top 1 of 5
    What I Wore: Home Birth Edition

    Because I'll be having a water birth (so long as everything goes according to plan!), I bought this swimsuit top to wear. I wore one last time and it was great. They dry quickly when you're getting in and out of the water and if you're having photos taken to document your birth then you won't be topless, which is a plus in my book. 

    Purchase for $37.04 from ASOS


  • A Soft Robe 2 of 5
    What I Wore: Home Birth Edition

    Take note! I bought a swimsuit top, not the bottoms. When I was in labor, I didn't want anything near my lady parts. No swimsuit bottoms for me! Plus, I think they'd be constricting for my belly. That said, I also don't want my vajay on full display either. A robe is the perfect solution. I made sure to buy the lightest, softest jersey robe that I could find. It's also short, which is a must, and black because it looked the least frumpy and hides a multitude of stains. Birth is a messy business.

    Purchase for $21.99 from Target


  • A Sports Bra for a Good Alternative 3 of 5
    What I Wore: Home Birth Edition

    In case I ditch the swimsuit top and robe idea -- if it happens to be too hot, for instance -- I'll just rock a sports bra. I have this one from Old Navy and I really like it.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Old Navy

  • Underwear, Just in Case 4 of 5
    What I Wore: Home Birth Edition

    And if I DO feel like wearing underwear, this pair from The Gap will be on standby they're SUPER comfortable! And again... black for obvious reasons.

    Purchase for $14.50 from Gap

  • A Loose Tank Dress Is Another Great Option 5 of 5
    What I Wore: Home Birth Edition

    I actually haven't purchased this yet, but I think it may be a great option if I go into early labor for awhile and I want to take a walk or something. Wouldn't a loose and comfy tank dress be ideal? I'm just waiting until I'm more further along so I can make sure it fits properly and isn't too tight. 

    Purchase for $36 from American Apparel


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