What If I Want a Baby Shower for My 4th Baby? Big No-no or Who Cares?

I have had a lot of time to think about when I do get stay pregnant of all the fun things that come along with pregnancy. I am looking forward to so much, including soothing this aching feeling that someone is missing. I want so much to complete our family and well, the whole pregnancy experience is relatively fun too (you know, needles, kidney stones and constant puking aside). A full year of baby fever behind me and the hopes of a baby in our relatively close future, I am putting some thought into the fun things — like a baby shower!

I had one with my first child back in 2005 with my close friends and family. It was lovely and we were spoiled, which is always helpful when you’re about to have your first child. I have had two other children since and never really needed to purchase much for the baby other than a few items of clothing since I had 2 girls after.

With this next baby being my last, I kind of want to re-experience everything, soak it all in. Included in that wish-list of things is a baby shower — to celebrate the coming baby not so much for the stuff. All the baby shower etiquette tells me that I shouldn’t have a shower for another child and I have a feeling it would feel especially tacky to some people if I had one for my 4th kid.

But, is it really that bad?

Are baby showers really more for the stuff & gifts or a reason to celebrate the upcoming family member? To share in the joy of the parents to be, give advice and make memories that the family will keep with them forever. There are some reasons I would totally love to have another baby shower, even though I had one over 6 years ago.

  • I Have No Boy Clothes Left 1 of 6
    My son is going to be 7 likely by the time we have a new baby -- or close to it. I have no clothes left from when he was a babe!
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  • My Now Baby is So Old 2 of 6
    My youngest "baby" - she is already 3.5 years old. We've gotten rid of (or broken) all the baby items and we are diaper free here.
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  • Celebrate a New Member 3 of 6
    I think every baby should get some sort of celebration & I love the idea of doing it before the baby is born too. As a loss momma, I think that's important.
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  • I Had One 4 of 6
    Yes, I had a baby shower already. It was awesome, but it was almost 7 years ago. Is there a time-limit?
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  • I Love Being Celebrated 5 of 6
    I mean, who doesn't love a party thrown (partly) in their honor?
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  • PINTEREST! 6 of 6
    All those ideas guys! Pinterest was not around & oh what a party would look like now!
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People celebrate with bridal showers before each wedding — even if it’s not their first. I get a birthday every year, even though it’s clearly not my first (::cough cough, being 30 now!::) & I really love the idea of each child getting kind of a birthday party before they’re born. Is it appropriate though? Should I care? Is this an instance where I would be expected to hold more of a meet the baby party after they are born versus a baby shower? It’s not like I am planning a “I’m pregnant” party followed by a “gender reveal” party and then  a baby shower — shouldn’t I at least get one event to celebrate the pregnancy?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments — is it appropriate? tacky? who cares?


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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