What If My Baby Is Born On 9-11?


For the third time in my life, I’m wondering if my baby will be born on September 11th. I have two other children with birthdays around now, and really – I wish I didn’t notice the calendar.

It’s not that I wish I could “forget” or that I want to stick my head in the sand – it’s that I don’t want to care about the specific date I’m laboring and birthing.  I read Andrea’s article about what it’s like to have a baby with a September 11 birthday and I cringe.

It’s the reaction from other people I dread. Her experience is very telling – people feeling the need to convey condolences when they hear something as joyous as a baby’s birthday. And that kind of paradox is just heart-hurting.

For those of you due any day now – how are you feeling about possibly having a baby on September 11th?

Honestly I feel like even September 10th and September 12th stir up memories and emotions in people (including myself – it just makes me think of September 11th). Even though I’m only 38 wks right now, all signs have pointed to the dates possibly being wrong, and everyone is prepped in the event baby comes early (which we would be anyway, but you know).

I really want it to not matter, and want to just focus on the good. The blessing. The gift!  But I’m still finding myself thinking about it. What about you?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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