What I’m Coveting Right Now: 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

During my pregnancies, I always have a few favorite things – what I call current obsessions. It can be a newly purchased diaper bag or an awesome flea market find for the nursery. I always seem to find a few favorite can’t live without items during each pregnancy. Some new obsessions and some old. Some things I automatically go to when I hear the words “you’re pregnant” which seems to be a lot!

In the last 3.5 years, after this last, I’ve been pregnant 27 months! I was pregnant with my 3rd and caught a break not pregnant for 8, preggers again, not pregnant for 9 months, and now I’m pregnant again! Seems like I’ve been pregnant forever. And those numbers aren’t including my first 2 they are just more spread out. But anyway, it’s given me a lot of pregnancy experience, that’s for sure!

Here is what I am currently coveting!

  • Timie + Leslie Dawn Bag 1 of 10
    Timie + Leslie Dawn Bag
    I carry this bag even when I don't need a diaper bag.
    Buy one now from Timi + Leslie
  • Blanqi Body Styler 2 of 10
    Blanqi Body Styler
    It becomes my BFF.
    Buy one now from Blanqi
  • Boppy Body Pillow 3 of 10
    Boppy Body Pillow
    Don't let the hubs steal it! Buy it now, you can thank me later.
    Buy one now from Boppy
  • Hatch Collection: The Romper 4 of 10
    Hatch Collection: The Romper
    Cute + comfy!
    Buy one now in a fun color from the Hatch Collection
  • Skinnygirl Mommy Soothing Body Oil 5 of 10
    Skinnygirl Mommy Soothing Body Oil
    Bethenny Frankel knew what she was doing! Good-bye itchy skin. Hello, soft smooth skin. LOVE this!
    Buy it now from Skinnygirl
  • Upsie Baby from Belly Bandit 6 of 10
    Upsie Baby from Belly Bandit
    It is a miracle worker for so many of those pregnancy aches and pains. Helps with stretch marks too!
    Buy one now from Belly Bandit
  • Timi + Leslie Casey Bag 7 of 10
    Timi + Leslie Casey Bag
    See, an obsession, I tell you.Oh, and I kinda LOVE the name.
    Buy one now from Timi + Leslie
  • Flip Flops 8 of 10
    Flip Flops
    I live in them. I don't care if they were $2 from Target.
    Buy a pair from Nordstrom
  • Headbands 9 of 10
    Because honestly, sometimes I don't feel like doing my hair and just pull it back. This is the perfect accessory. Works in labor too!
    Buy it now from Gussy Sews
  • Old Navy Jersey Skirts 10 of 10
    Old Navy Jersey Skirts
    I could sleep in them! I would stock up in every color.
    Buy one now from Old Navy

Is there a recent purchase you can’t get enough of?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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