What is "Normal" Pregnancy Weight Gain?

During my first OB appointment, the doctor sat us down and did some pregnancy education.  She probably didn’t realize that I had already spent those first 4 weeks researching everything that there was to know about pregnancy on the internet, but I still found the information good to hear from her. (Note: despite my research, I still know NOTHING about being pregnant, please don’t think otherwise.)

One of her biggest points was a reminder about weight gain and nutrition.

It was somewhat surprising to me that the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology‘s research determined that pregnant women only need to add an additional 300 calories to their daily diets to support a growing baby.  I guess I somehow imagined that it would have to be more than that, but I had read it myself and my doctor repeated that fact to me during my appointment, so I’m not doubting the number.  300 calories is not all that much, especially when all the baby wants all day is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Icees.

My doctor suggested an apple and an extra cup of milk each day.  She might be delusional.

So far, depending upon the day I weight myself, I’ve gained between 1 and 5 pounds.  Unless you asked the scale on this past Saturday morning, when I was somehow my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think it could sense my concern about weight gain. I’m 12 weeks pregnant, so I’ve got one more week in this first trimester, where my weight gain shouldn’t exceed 5 pounds.

I find myself worrying, a lot, about this weight gain.  I’m not one of those women who is losing weight during my first trimester.  Frankly, the only way I can even begin to manage my morning sickness is by eating.  If I don’t eat, I end up sick.  And I’m hungry about 80 times a day.  I’m doing the best I can to eat good snacks, but still, increasing the number of times I eat each day has (duh) resulted in my weight going up.

Everything seems to have shifted around and while I don’t look pregnant really at all, I do look entirely different than I did 8 weeks ago when we found out about this baby.

And I feel like this is going too fast.  I read about women who don’t wear maternity clothes until the end of their third trimester, if ever, and I get worried. I read about women who can hide their pregnancy from their coworkers until near the very end and I kind of laugh to myself, because I think there’s no way I’ll make it that long.  I have read probably more than a reasonable amount about this and I am worried that what is going on in my body is not normal.

And I’m really worried my OB is going to yell at me.  Okay, maybe not yell, but lecture.

You have to understand, I am a rule follower.  I do what I am told pretty much all the time.  Except for maybe when my husband is the one doing the telling.  And when I am told I should gain between 1 and 5 pounds in my first trimester and I see that 5 pound weight gain at week 10, I panic.  I’m not going to diet or do anything stupid, but I am going to worry, probably a lot more than I should.

I don’t know how to eat when my body tells me I need to, eat the things that don’t make me want to puke, and only gain 25 pounds in the entire 40 weeks of gestation. I have already gained a few and my baby only weighs 1/4 of an ounce, I somehow struggle to imagine that in the next 28 weeks, I’ll only gain another 20-25.

Can someone please explain to me what “normal” weight gain is? Because I think I must be doing it wrong.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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