What My Baby Hears: 1st Pregnancy vs. 3rd Pregnancy

baby_ear_captionI’m sure all you pregnant ladies out there know about the many week-by-week pregnancy emails to which you can subscribe. You put in your estimated due date and each week you get a convenient email to your Inbox saying, “Yay! You’re 22 weeks! Here are some cool facts about your fetus,” etc.

My favorite for my current pregnancy is a new one written by the incomparable Pregnant Chicken. Side note: some of you may be wondering why I subscribed to one of these services with my third pregnancy…shouldn’t I already know all this stuff? The truth is I need the regular reminder of which week I’m on. Between two kids and two jobs, I really can’t keep track, so this way when people ask me how far along I am I can give them a solid answer instead of staring dumbly into space.

Anyway, that’s why I was so excited when I found out that Pregnant Chicken was making her own calendar—because I knew it would be funny as hell and down to earth and full of useful information.

So in Week 16 I got the email about how my baby’s inner ear is fully formed! Yeah! Big stuff. But it got me thinking about how this baby is hearing drastically different stuff from what my first baby heard. I know it’s all mostly muffled (like Charlie Brown’s teacher) but it still makes me pause to think how different this new baby’s auditory surroundings are to what his sister got six years ago.

And so I give you: what my first baby is heard in-utero vs. my third baby:

  • Music, First Baby 1 of 8
    Music, First Baby
    There are a lot of people who believe in the ‘Mozart effect'—that listening to classical music can make a young child smarter. And some pregnant women will start to play classical music while baby is still in the womb. My first kid didn't get much Mozart, but I did rock out to a lot of Foo Fighters and Ben Folds.
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  • Music, Third Baby 2 of 8
    Music, Third Baby
    Wheels on the Bus anyone? Or Itsy Bitsy spider? This baby is hearing whatever my kids are currently scream-singing. How about the theme song to Dinosaur Train? It's just so darn catchy.
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  • Work Conversations, First Baby 3 of 8
    Work Conversations, First Baby
    My first baby was privy to a lot of conference calls and professional meetings where I probably sounded very busy and important.
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  • Work Conversations, Third Baby 4 of 8
    Work Conversations, Third Baby
    Third baby hears a lot of, "Go use the potty!" and "Take that out of your nose!" and "I'm gonna count to three!"
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  • Reading Aloud, First Baby 5 of 8
    Reading Aloud, First Baby
    Confession: I do sometimes read aloud to myself when I'm home alone. First baby would have heard me touting An Inconvenient Truth or The Omnivore's Dilemma, like a proper grownup who kept up with the Bestseller's list.
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  • Reading Aloud, Third Baby 6 of 8
    Reading Aloud, Third Baby
    Did you know you shouldn't let the pigeon drive the bus?! It's true. I know because I've read it a billion million times because it's awesome and my kids love it.
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  • Television, First Baby 7 of 8
    Television, First Baby
    With no kids in the house it was Friday Night Lights, baby. I'm surprised my daughter's first words weren't "Hey ya'll," in a perfect Tammy Taylor drawl.
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  • Television, Third Baby 8 of 8
    Television, Third Baby
    After the kids are in bed it's Downtown Abbey time! Not quite as juicy as Friday Night Lights and Taylor Kitsch is way hotter than Daniel Stevens…but maybe this baby will come out with a cute British accent.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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