What My Daughter Says About My Pregnancy

Little boy hugging his mother belly.This morning at 8 AM, I was sitting on my four year-old’s bed while she was getting dressed for the day, and I decided to stretch out on her bed. I had already been up for a couple hours and my morning coffee was wearing off. I put my head on her pillow and she said, “Are you feeling sleepy, Mommy?”

“Yes,” I said. “Growing the new baby makes me so tired!”

She walked over to me and gently kissed my cheek. Then she said possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard come out of her little mouth:

“I bet that love goes straight to the baby’s heart.”

Oh. My. God. Just stab me in the heart. I was honestly very close to breaking down into ugly pregnant lady sobs. Where did this little angel come from? Because—let me be clear about this—she is not always so happy about my current condition.

Let’s contrast the above sweetness to a more typical statement, like the one I heard last week when she whispered to her little brother, “The baby in Mommy’s belly makes her really grouchy!”

Sigh. Busted. And I feel bad about it. She gets frustrated with me for yawning during bedtime stories. (Guilty.) She wants me to play games that involve rolling on the floor and doing tumbles. (I can’t.) And she is really getting the short end of the stick with my moodiness. I know I have less patience than usual and sometimes she gets the brunt of it.

It occurred to me after her critical comment last week that, for the most part, having a pregnant mom kinda blows. That’s why her  random loving comment today about my pregnancy made me feel so overjoyed.

What is the sweetest/saddest thing your older child has said about your pregnancy?

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