What My Newborn Has Taught Me

8 pounds of wisdom!

So I had a baby last week

It is amazing how quickly life changes the moment a baby goes from your belly to your bedroom.  In these last few months and weeks, experienced moms said the same thing over and over again — sleep now while you can, take your time pampering yourself, get organized while you have extra time, etc.

To be honest, I found all of this advice annoying and redundant.  Of course I knew I’d be sleep deprived.  I knew I’d have a baby demanding every minute of my attention.  And I knew that my days of spontaneous freedom were numbered.

And then my little man arrived…

And I learned that eating breakfast would take two hours, showering would become a luxury, and any time with two hands available would become a race to accomplish as much as possible.

But you know what else I learned?  That it is all so unbelievably worth it.  And that while long showers and hot breakfasts are nice treats, they don’t even come close to baby kisses and morning snuggles in bed with a newborn.  Life with Cullen has taught me to appreciate each hour and each day as they come.  Life is simpler, slower, and so much more meaningful now.  I don’t take time or circumstances for granted anymore, and my days feel so much more full.

It is true that life is most definitely different, and I know there are going to be times when I feel tired, frustrated, and ragged.  But for now, I’m enjoying the newness of life with a newborn, and appreciating the life lessons he is teaching me each day.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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