What NOT To Get a Pregnant Woman for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be asking yourself what to get the mom-to-be.  A pregnant woman doesn’t have to be hard to shop for around the holidays.  Treat her like any other woman and give her a gift she will really love and enjoy.

There are many people who have gotten truly horrendus gifts for the holidays.  I know that I have been one on an occasion or two. Don’t let yourself be the one that is the giver of these awful gifts.  To help you narrow down your list of what to get the mom-to-be, here are six gifts that, as a pregnant woman, I’d never want to receive under my Christmas tree this year.

  • Candy Cane Body Pillow 1 of 6
    Candy Cane Body Pillow
    Although sleep can become troublesome as we get further along in pregnancy, no woman wants to be reminded of it around the holidays. Giving us the candy cane body pillow just because it's a holiday item, just adds insult to injury.
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  • Pickle Soap 2 of 6
    Pickle Soap
    Trying to act on a woman's pregnancy craving can backfire on you. Especially since every woman does not crave pickles during pregnancy. Don't try to be funny and play off the pickle cravings with these pickle inspired soaps.
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  • Embryo Pendant Ornament 3 of 6
    Embryo Pendant Ornament
    I find nothing creepier than an embryo hanging from a Christmas tree. Although your heart may be in the right place by giving her this, it's just a little bit weird. Let's keep the embryo in the uterus until it's ready to make it's debut.
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  • Baby Items 4 of 6
    Baby Items
    Let's leave the baby item giving for the baby shower or another time. A pregnant woman wants to be pampered with gifts for her for the holidays just as any other woman does. If you find a gift for the baby that you think she can't live without try to give it to her when the holidays are over and she's been pampered with gifts for herself.
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  • Muumuu 5 of 6
    Yes, pregnancy can be very uncomfortable at times. Please do not ever buy a pregnant woman a muumuu. Even if you tell her "it's just to wear around the house." Pregnant women still want to feel fashionable and glamourous during pregnancy. Unless you want to be put on Santa's naughty list for the rest of your life, a muumuu is definitely a holiday pregnancy fashion fail.
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  • Wine Gift Basket 6 of 6
    Wine Gift Basket
    Nine months is a long time not to consume any wine and we don't need to be reminded of that. I see enough of my family and friends drinking it around the holidays that a gift basket full of wine would only put me over the edge. Feel free to gift it as much as you want after the baby is born, I'll probably need it!
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If you are looking for gift ideas on what TO get expectant moms for the holidays, check out my post tomorrow!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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