10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Pregnant Partner

I could not have survived pregnancy if it wasn’t for my awesome husband. Late night food runs for my latest and ever-changing food cravings, reassuring me I still looked gorgeous and taking all the weird symptoms in stride — he was pretty awesome.

Awesome but not perfect (but, who is) and there were times that he said something (or someone else did) that made me want to go on a hormone-induced rage. So, in an effort to save relationships and smooth sail your pregnancy adventures, I’ve put together a list for you — our partners — ¬†what you should not say to your pregnant lady. Ladies share this with your husband/boyfriend and men — read and obey!

Click through for 10 things you should never to say to your pregnant partner:

  • “What’s that mark?” 1 of 10
    "What's that mark?"
    Why?: Your wife doesn't want you noticing any imperfections - she sees them already.
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  • “I can’t get my arms around you” 2 of 10
    "I can't get my arms around you"
    Why?: Seriously, if I have to tell you 'why' you should just buy flowers for her every day.
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  • “Is that healthy?” 3 of 10
    "Is that healthy?"
    Why?: It doesn't matter!
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  • “I bought you this stretch mark cream.” 4 of 10
    "I bought you this stretch mark cream."
    Why?: Do you want to die?
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  • “I don’t want to eat that for dinner” 5 of 10
    "I don't want to eat that for dinner"
    Why?: Don't mess with a mama-to-be's cravings!
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  • “I’m sure your body will go back to normal.” 6 of 10
    "I'm sure your body will go back to normal."
    Why?: It's a real worry for a woman. Plus -- NEVER EVER say this out of no where.
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  • “Come work out with me. I need to lose a few pounds” 7 of 10
    "Come work out with me. I need to lose a few pounds"
    Why?: Your wife is growing - getting bigger. Don't complain about your own pound or two.
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  • “You’re going to eat that again?” 8 of 10
    "You're going to eat that again?"
    Why?: Cravings are honestly something you do not want to mess with.
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  • “I am so tired and I just can’t get comfortable!” 9 of 10
    "I am so tired and I just can't get comfortable!"
    Why?: Sleep does not come easy to your wife and pregnancy 'tired' brings on a whole new meaning.
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  • “Can I have a bite?” 10 of 10
    "Can I have a bite?"
    Why?: The answer will always be 'NO!'
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:: What would you add to the list? ::

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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