What the Year of the Wooden Horse Means for Baby

Saddle up, pregnant mamas! If you’re due between January 31, 2014, and February 18, 2015, you’ve got a Wooden Horse Year baby on your hands. And boy, is there a lot to know.

First, a crash course: The Chinese zodiac assigns each year to a different element and animal sign. This selection is based on the lunar calendar, with each new year cycling through one of 12 animals. Each animal sign is additionally divided into five rotating elements (Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water). That means that each specific animal-element combination repeats only once every 60 years (The last time it was the Year of the Wooden Horse was in 1954)! Out of the five different horses, the Wooden Horse is thought to be the most reasonable and least capricious.

As we leave the Year of the Water Snake and its more calculated, cautious territory, we also look ahead to a fast-paced and exciting new year filled with some unexpected adventures. To help navigate this new terrain, we’ve culled together some useful information on what Baby’s personalities and relationships might be like. And as a Year of the Horse baby myself, I have to say, some of these feel eerily right on the nose.


People born in the Year of the Horse are said to be very animated and energetic, so don’t be surprised if Baby is ready to strap on some hiking boots and climb Mount Everest once she learns to walk. They are also hard-nosed but humble, quick-witted and cunning, and most notably, they are quite the workhorse–extremely hard-working and self-reliant. Babies born in the Year of the Horse have amazing levels of concentration, so much so, that they tend to pick up new skills easily.


The energy and positivity Horse babies have also gives them a pleasant charm people love. They often surround themselves with crowds and loved ones. Not only are they easy-going and very comfortable to get along with, but they’re also open-minded and great communicators. (Baby’s going to be quite the popular one at Gymboree.) Horse babies are most compatible with Tigers, Goats and Dogs, but least compatible with Rats, Oxen and Rabbits.


The thing about those born in the Year of the Horse is that they are often competitive, stubborn and sometimes disobedient if you hold them back. Once they become old enough and more understanding of the world, they also become incredibly aware of injustices. Parents of Horse babies traditionally believe they should ensure their disciplinary actions fit the crime. While Horse babies dislike taking orders if they feel there are too many unwarranted restrictions, their more mature selves are also capable of learning from their mistakes.

TL;DR: You’re going to have to rein in your little one at times, but sometimes, it’s just best to let them roam free and learn.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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