What To Eat While Pregnant? A Nutritionist's Pregnancy Diet Tips

What To Eat While PregnantThe question of what to eat during pregnancy is a pretty stressful one. Recommendations contradict each other. What’s good  for your baby isn’t necessarily good for your monthly weigh in. There are so many factors to consider: Nutritional value, specific ingredients, foodborne illnesses, chemical contaminations, allergens…  But Isobel De Los Rios, a new mom and nutritionist, has a plan.  She’ll walk you through the confusing landscape of food, diet, pregnancy and exercise, holding your hand (via video)  every step of the way.

De Los Rios’ has both personal and professional expertise in pegnancy diet and exercise. In addition to her private practice, she recently gave birth to a baby boy—and lost all the weight she gained within two weeks. Her “pre-pregnancy body”, she says, returned a few weeks after that. I’m guessing from the pictures that De Los Rios may have had some good genes on her side in the weight arena. But I watched her video presentation, and I do think there is some valuable stuff there to help sort out the mind-boggling mess of pregnancy diet and food recommendations.

On De Los Rios’ website, What To Eat While Pregnant, you can see a presentation that gives the basics of her plan and information about her practice and products. She’s got an interesting take on diet in pregnancy. I broke it down for you after the jump.

De Los Rios doesn’t believe in dieting during pregnancy, but she does believe that the pregnancy diet should be pretty well controlled. Here are some tips I  got from watching her introductory online video presentation.

1. Eat more whole, single ingredient foods, and fewer processed foods.

2. Don’t be afraid of fat! Good fat, that is: avocados, nuts, egg yolk, coconut oil, even butter and bacon fat can be good in moderation. De Los Rios stressed the importance of fats for fetal development and strongly suggested pregnant women don’t go on low fat diets.

3. Avoid trans fats.

4.Avoid processed sugars, including (or maybe especially high fructose corn syrup)

5. Avoid soy. De Los Rios believes soy is dangerous during pregnancy because it has the potential to act as a hormone disruptor.

6. Avoid dairy. She believes that dairy intolerance is rampant and that most people should not eat dairy products.She assures women that they can get all the calcium they need from other foods, like almond and greens.

The trick is, she says, to eat the right balance and combination of single ingredient foods. While some of her ideas may be controversial, a lot of them make sense. I especially like the pro-fat stance, since we do know that fats play a role in brain development. She also stresses the importance of a balance of fats, proteins and carbs at each meal, as well as a solid exercise plan throughout pregnancy.

I sometimes fantasized about having a professional nutritionist to tell me exactly what to eat when I was pregnant. Making food decisions myself, on the fly, under the watchful eye of an impatient waiter, I felt anxious, pressured, and worried I’d make the wrong choice. For women who can relate to that feeling, but can’t spring for a private nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios’ video series can be a good compromise.

She’s selling a whole DVD library of food and exercise info for pregnant women, topics listed below:

1. Foods to Avoid

2. 7 Key Principles For a Pregnancy Meal Plan

3. Pregnancy Supplements: What Helps, How Much, And Do You Really Need It?

4. Nutrition Tailored to the 1st Trimester

5. Nutrition Tailored To the 2nd Trimester

6. Nutrition Tailored to the 3rd Trimester

7. Combatting Common Pregnancy Challenges

8. After-Birth Guide

9. In Home Pregnancy Workouts.

10. Total Fitness for 1st,2nd and 3rd Trimesters, Exercise Dos and Don’ts

All subjects are covered in DVD video and audio format, and are, she says, the info equivalent of 4 private consultations with a nutritionist at $150 each. She’s offering the series for $59 in a limited time offer. The videos can be downloaded online as well, and she offers an unlimited money back guarantee.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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