What To Get a Pregnant Woman for the Holidays

You’ve seen what not to get a pregnant woman for the holidays, so now it’s time to find out what she really wants to open up this year.

Pregnancy can be one of the greatest joys in a woman’s life, but it can sometimes be a pain (literally.)  Pamper her this holiday season with gifts that will make her feel like a pregnant queen.

I’ve put together a list of 10 gifts that are sure to wow her this holiday season! 






1.  Spa Day– Every woman wants to be pampered, especially a pregnant woman.  Make those aches and pains go away from carrying a baby and let her relax for a day at the spa.  It’s always nice to have time when you can focus on only yourself.  So let her indulge in a relaxing massage or a great manicure and pedicure (since she most likely can’t reach her toes any longer) while at the spa!  This is definitely a must have on my list this year

2.  Gift card to Her Favorite Restaurant– I am a pregnant woman that loves to eat.  It’s not often that my husband and I can go out and enjoy one of my favorite restaurants together.  Let her indulge and order whatever she would like off of the menu for a real treat.

3.  Prenatal Yoga Class– I took prenatal yoga with my first and would love to start again during this pregnancy.  It is great to get your body, mind and spirit in a great place before the baby is born.  She will be amazed at how better she feels after taking a class and how much it can prepare you for labor.

4. Great Pair of Shoes-Although our feet swell towards the end of pregnancy, there is nothing better than having a great pair of comfortable, yet fashionable pair of shoes to walk around in.  Sometimes maternity clothes can make us feel gross and frumpy, but a great pair of shoes can make any pregnant woman feel fabulous.

5.  Baby Items-This was on my no-no list but it seems I have been overruled and many of you would love to receive baby items for the holidays.  With this being my second child, I really don’t need much, so I am using the holidays as an excuse to spoil me (because I know all of the spoiling will go to the baby once she is born.) If you are looking to get an expectant mom baby gifts for the holidays make sure she is comfortable with that before assuming that is just want she wants.

6.  Morning of Sleeping in Followed by Breakfast in Bed-Sleep is hard to come by during pregnancy due to the growing belly and constant need to get comfortable.  Give her the gift of a great night’s sleep (maybe let her have the bed to herself) and let her sleep in in the morning.  When she finally does awake from her slumber, bring her breakfast in bed to top off the great night’s sleep.

7.  Trip Before or After Baby Arrives– Surprise her with a babymoon for a special weekend getaway before the baby arrives.  If she’s almost due, make it a weekend after the baby arrives so that she can get rest and relaxation she is going to need!

8. Favorite Craved Food-Almost every pregnant woman has some sort of craving during her pregnancy.  Give her the food that she craves the most in bulk so that she can indulge any time she wants to!

9.  Great Handbag-It’s sometimes hard to feel glamourous while your pregnant.  Give her a handbag that she will love for the holidays.  Make sure it has plenty of room for the Tums, saltines, Preggo Pops, and anything else she needs to carry around with her during the pregnancy.

10.  Nice Piece of Jewelry-Celebrate her upcoming debut into motherhood with a great piece of jewelry.  There are some great jewelry designers out there that make beautiful mom related jewelry. Give her a gift that allows her to show off her journey in motherhood.

What’s on your pregnancy gift holiday list this year?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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