10 Things Every Man Should Say to His Pregnant Wife

The right words can help keep you out of hot water and can make all the difference in the world, fellas…

You Look Great 1 of 10
This goes for pre- and post-pregnancy. All guys know this, but it is even more important now that she's pregnant. Practice saying the following 20 times a day: "Yes, that shirt looks great on you." "Yes, those pants look really good on you." "Honey, I love what you did to your hair." Your wife needs to hear she looks good approximately 387 times a day when she's pregnant. Tell her!
You're Not Fat 2 of 10
These were the words I lived by while my wife was pregnant: "You're not fat; you're pregnant. You're beautiful." Your wife will tell you she feels fat. Looks fat. Is fat. And everything in between. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like it helped to remind my wife that she was pregnant and that I still thought that she was beautiful. After one night of her trying on 20 different outfits that comment saved me.
Yes, You Look Pregnant 3 of 10
"Yes, everyone can tell you're pregnant. I promise." In the beginning when there's a little bump showing, your wife will go through the questioning phase. She'll ask you if people will be able to tell she's pregnant, or if they'll think she's fat. How you answer this question could very well shape the rest of your life. Practice the line above over and over until it sinks in.
Do You Need Anything? 4 of 10
Often say, "If you need anything, let me know." Just knowing that you are there will ease many of the wild and crazy pregnancy hormones raging through her. This one sentence really helped me get through the nearly unescapable hormone-induced fights—or shall we say misunderstandings. It was never my fault.
Sure, I'll Get That For You 5 of 10
You will have to wait on your wife—even for the craziest of items. "What? Peanut butter and cheese at 3 AM? Yes, I'll go get it for you now." When she has a craving, always respond with, "I'll go get it for you now." Drop what you are doing and proceed to the nearest exit to go get whatever she wants. Just never expect any tips of any sort. Yes, even that one.
No, I'm Not Upset 6 of 10
We're guys. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. But now is the time to suck it up. For example, never show that you're upset. You can say something like, "No, I'm not upset at all. I totally understand that you don't want to have sex right now." What you really want to say is, "I'm about to explode and I don't understand why you don't ever want to anymore." Be cool. Be collected. Never show anger or frustration.
No, That's Not Too Much 7 of 10
If your wife asks if she has packed too much, say, "No, I don't think you're bringing too much—125 pounds of clothes fits just fine in the suitcase." Just let her bring whatever she wants to bring to the hospital, but put the necessities in one bag. I didn't follow this rule and packing for the hospital turned into a seven-hour ordeal. Let her bring whatever she wants to bring. It makes life so much easier. Believe me.
Sure, I'll Rub Your Feet 8 of 10
What's that? You don't have a foot fetish? Well, you better develop one because you're going to be nearly worshiping your wife's feet for the next several months. If your pregnant wife ever asks you to rub her aching feet, always reply, "Sure, l'll rub your feet again tonight." Failure to do so will guarantee failure in every other area—if you know what I mean. So suck it up, massage her feet, and know you'll be rewarded someday soon.
You Are Beautiful 9 of 10
"Honey, you are so beautiful." "Wow, you look beautiful today." "I love that shirt on you—you look beautiful." Beautiful is one of—if not the absolute last thing—your wife feels while pregnant. So tell her often. Compliment her whenever you can. But you better mean it because her pregnancy radar will see right through it if you don't!
Don't Worry 10 of 10
"Don't worry about it. I got it." Simple words. Powerful outcome. When it came to picking up anything, taking out the trash, or other miscellaneous actions, that one sentence was a godsend. It's another great way to show that you really do care and that you're watching out for your wife. Just be careful when you say that to or else you'll find yourself doing dishes and making dinner every single night!
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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