What Trimester Is This? Why My Third Feels Like My First

Well it turns out that what everyone told me is true.  Now 34 weeks pregnant and with the finish line in sight, the weeks are draaaaagging and the fact that there are still 5 more feels like an eternity.

I remember in my first trimester every day felt like a month.  I was so anxious to get to all those firsts – hearing the heartbeat, seeing an ultrasound, getting past the “danger zone” of those early weeks.  The middle of my pregnancy seemed to breeze past.  Some days I would catch myself forgetting I was pregnant – I was full of energy, still felt like I had plenty of time to prepare, and just generally enjoyed watching my belly grow.

Now that I’m in the late stages of the third trimester, it is suddenly feeling very reminiscent of those earliest weeks.  Time is dragging slowly, new worries pop up every day, and my body is once again feeling quite foreign.  Here are a few other reasons why my third trimester is feeling more like my first…

1.  I’m not sleeping. No seriously, like not sleeping at all.  In the first trimester, sleep became uncomfortable and the need to suddenly pee all the time happened very early on.  Now the issues are different, but the lack of sleep is the same.  Getting comfortable with a bowling ball strapped to your chest is pretty much never gonna happen.  Adding in constant peeing and subsequent dehydration and need for water – I’m up at least once an hour every night.

2.  Food is not appealing. I spent my first trimester throwing up and generally feeling like I had been run over by a bus.  While thankfully I don’t (often) feel sick anymore, I’m finding that food has once again lost its appeal in these late weeks of pregnancy.  My poor husband asks what I want for dinner each night, and it is usually hard for me to come up with any answer besides cereal that sounds even remotely appetizing.

3.  I’m scared. The first trimester of pregnancy (particularly a first pregnancy!) is typically filled with a lot of fear and worry – Am I eating enough?  What if I miscarry?  Am I really pregnant?  Am I ready for a baby? Thirty four weeks later, I put an end to all those questions and concerns long ago.  But as the weeks get later and later, new worries and questions arise – Will he be early?  Will he be too late and I’ll need to be induced?  Will he be breech?  Can I handle childbirth? While I really do feel confident and ready for this baby to come, each passing week makes me a bit more aware that a major life change is just around the corner at any moment.

4.  My boobs hurt. Painful and sore boobs are one of the first indicators of pregnancy in the first trimester.  While mine definitely went through a growth spurt, it was certainly not the overnight boob-job that I was expecting.  But now I seem to be going through round two – my boobs are tender and very sore, and seem to be getting bigger once again.  It’s hard to tell if they really are – when your body looks like a beach ball you tend to lose perspective on what a normal size looks like.  But either way, they are definitely preparing for breastfeeding and the end of pregnancy.

5.  I am ridiculously emotional. I think I’m probably just an emotional person to begin with, but being pregnant has certainly intensified that.  It’s easy to joke about or laugh at pregnant women who seem to burst into tears for no reason at all, but having now experienced it I understand that you literally cannot help it.  At any given moment, I will be feeling great and loving life, and my husband will ask me a question and I will suddenly get all teary.  The good news is, usually they are happy tears of gratitude and excitement, and so much anticipation for all the great things that are about to come.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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