What Will You Wear In Labor? How About This Specially Designed "BirthingGown?"

My first reaction to this product– a stretch jersey BirthingGown you can wear instead of a hospital gown–was: Of course, there’s always something to sell at all times, to all people. Oy.

My second reaction: This is really kind of nice.

And I am all for whatever sense of personal comfort/dignity you can get in the hospital. When you get into a hospital, you’re put into one of those open-backed gowns and little slippers and sometimes an IV and the message is clear: you’re a patient.

But labor is not a sickness. It’s great to have medical back-up care should it stray outside the range of normal, but the majority of women don’t need to be given the overwhelming impression that they are sick which connotes a number of things, including weakness. This is a time when women have to do a ton of hard work! We need to be reminded of our strength! We should be put into capes!

OK, maybe not capes. But something comfortable and that doesn’t involve broken strings hanging over your exposed rear end?

You can also avoid the “I’m a sick person” hospital gown issue by just bringing in a big old t-shirt to labor in. Some women labor naked or in a bathing suit top (in case they get into a shower or tub). And, hey, you may like using the hospital gown because you’re just so darn practical you’d rather bleed all over this sturdy old cotton thing than something of your own. Maybe get a nice robe for recovery?

But getting back to the lovely lavender gown here, how much will it set you back?  Only $54.95.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial for this product I have no stake in, you can wear it before the baby is born and if it doesn’t get too messy (sometimes they don’t) you can wear it postpartum, too. It has open-front design for breastfeeding. The women who started the company, have this to say, ” We think women are amazing and should feel beautifully empowered as they labor toward motherhood.” Fair enough! They have also designed so that by, “simply untying the sash, anesthesia has easy access to the patients back for pain management. Snaps at the shoulders allow for IV’s, BP’s and breast feeding babies.”

The only thing is, what if your water breaks right when you get to the hospital and you soak it? Do you get two of them?

What did/will you guys wear in labor? Does the hospital gown bug you?  Have you given it any thought?

Here’s where you can click to buy it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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