What Will You Wear During Childbirth?

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I'm planning to wear a sports bra and loose skirt!

Seems like a silly question, I know.  Childbirth definitely seems like it should be the one time we women shouldn’t be worrying about fashion, right?

Well don’t worry – I’m talking about comfort and function, most definitely not fashion.  I have had a few people tell me that they chose to wear their own clothes (or no clothes!) during delivery, in lieu of the traditional hospital gown.  For several reasons, this makes total sense to me…

1.  To be more comfortable. Not that I really expect anything to be particularly “comfortable” during labor, but if I can do anything to ease the process, I will.  Soft, stretchy cotton sounds so much better than a scratchy or bulky hospital gown.

2.  To feel more connected. One of the reasons shared with me for opting out of the gown is that the provided gowns are just that – gowns.  They cover you from your neck to your knees.  I have heard that being able to see and directly feel your belly during contractions can help you feel more connected and in control (ha!) of the process.  I’m a very visual person by nature, so I can see that this might help me.

3.  To feel like myself. Sounds silly, but I think it’s very easy to get caught up in medical moments and truly feel like you are out of your own mind and body.  I imagine childbirth is the type of experience that could easily lead to this.  Wearing something familiar will help me to stay focused and feel a little more like me.

While of course I realize that anything I am wearing during labor is going to get really messy and likely end up in the trash, I’m okay with tossing an old stretchy skirt if it makes my childbirth experience more comfortable and pleasant.  So what am I planning to wear?

I’m packing a comfortable sports bra and a stretchy cotton skirt.  And of course if I end up changing my mind or drenching the skirt within hours of getting started, I will always have the option to change into a hospital gown if needed.  I like that my hospital gives me the option to wear whatever is going to help me have the best (and healthiest!) birth experience possible, since in the end, that is really all that matters.


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