What Your Baby Name Choice Says About You

If making and growing and raising a baby doesn’t seem overwhelming enough, what about the thought of giving them a name that they will have forever? One that you love, has meaning to you, but won’t make your child confess his hate for you later in life.

Talk about pressure, right?

Before I became pregnant and had my children, I knew what names I would have for them. I love unique names — you won’t find my kids on any top 100 list and I love that (my name is pretty unique too).  I have worried that they will grow up hating their names and have wondered what the choices I’ve made says about me and my husband. Since we are the ones that fell in love with the names and chose them for our kids — that has to mean something.

Click through to find out what your baby’s name choice says about you:

  • Unusual Name 1 of 9
    Unusual Name
    Examples: Fifi Trixibelle, Sage Moonblood, Blue Angel
    What it means: You crave the spotlight and want your child to be remembered. You are too famous to care what other's think of you and want your child to be totally unique.
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  • Unusual Spelling Name 2 of 9
    Unusual Spelling Name
    Examples: Alyce, Ryen, Whiteney
    What it means: You like 'normal' with your own twist. You value traditional roles, but never want someone to tell you how to do things.
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  • Old Fashioned Name 3 of 9
    Old Fashioned Name
    Examples: Abraham, Sylvia, Frederick
    What it means: You are very traditional and conservative. You never wanted your child to hate you so you took that into consideration by giving them a well-known name.
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  • Passed Down Name 4 of 9
    Passed Down Name
    Examples: David, Eleanor, Jeffery
    What it means: You are very family oriented and always want your children close to you. Giving them a name that's been passed down through family members is your first step to creating a bond.
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  • Inspired By Famous Name 5 of 9
    Inspired By Famous Name
    Examples: Monroe, Elvis, Angelina
    What it means: You want your kids to be rich, famous and important. By giving them a name of a famous celebrity you hope to pass on some of their talent and luck.
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  • Unisex Name 6 of 9
    Unisex Name
    Examples: Devon, Emmerson, Harper
    What it means: You know your child is going to be important and you don't want anything standing in their way. By removing any stigmas, you allow them to shine their own light.
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  • Same Letter Siblings 7 of 9
    Same Letter Siblings
    Examples: Sarah, Samuel, Savannah
    What it means: You want your kids to be close and it's not enough they share a last name. Giving all your kids a name that starts with the same letter of the alphabet you hope they will be close with everything.
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  • World-Inspired name 8 of 9
    World-Inspired name
    Examples: Ocean, Apple, Egypt
    What it means: You are a world-traveler or always wished to be. You want your kids to be rooted to the earth and find awesome in the simple things.
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  • Rhyming Siblings 9 of 9
    Rhyming Siblings
    Examples: Hannah, Anna, Brianna
    What it means: You have a terrible memory and when you were growing up, your parents always called you by your sisters name and it drove you crazy. In attempt to never to this, you went the rhyming way.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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