Whatever Happened To The Pregnant Man?

Remember Thomas Beatie?  I mean, who doesn’t!  When he burst onto the scene in 2008 he was dubbed The Pregnant Man, when in reality Thomas Beatie while living as a male, still had all of this female reproductive parts, essentially making him able to carry a baby.

The news sources ate his story up. I mean, who wouldn’t jump all over a pregnant women with a full beard?  I certainly followed it, as it was fascinating to me.

But whatever happened to the Beatie family after they fell out of the eye of the public when their 15 minutes of fame and Barbara Walters interviews were over?

Well, unfortunately it was not the successful American dream story most of us would want to hear, and like many other American families, they were hard hit by the economy, among other things.

Thomas and his wife Nancy are now the parents of three children, Susan almost 2, Austin 20 months, and Jensen 7 months, and vow to have at least one more child.

But that may be difficult since the couple has gone from owning a successful business to losing their home and living on food stamps.

Recently Celebrity Baby Scoop reported:

But amidst plans for another child, Thomas and Nancy are dealing with some very serious financial matters – the couple has been forced to file for bankruptcy and live on food stamps and their home was repossessed last year.

Reports say that the Beaties annual self-employment income dropped from over $300,000 in 2008 to negative $16,000 in 2010. The stock market crash wiped out their savings and their T-shirt printing business failed, leading to their home in Bend, Oregon going into foreclosure. “It has been a very difficult year,” said Thomas. “We never thought we would leave Bend. We planned on staying there and raising our children. “But the children remind me every day what’s important. They are our motivation to succeed and press on.”

According to their bankruptcy documents, the Beaties are over $3 million in debt, which includes over $330,000 for credit cards and over $14,000 in medical expenses. Though they claim to have only $150 in their bank accounts, the couple remain optimistic about their future and plans for another child.


Good luck to the Beatie family!   Hopefully they can get things together!

photo: famecrawler

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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