What's A Pregnant Girl to Wear? A Rant and Some Cute Clothes

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One of things I’ve had a tough time with this pregnancy is clothes. I made the critical error of having my second due date almost exactly six months after the birthday of my older child so my entire existing maternity wardrobe is the wrong season. Normally, I’m all about an excuse to go shopping for new clothes but I have HATED shopping for maternity clothes this time around.

The first problem I encountered is the disappearance of brick-and-mortal maternity stores. My choices are the pitifully small maternity sections at Old Navy, JC Penney or Target (Look! We have jeans and a selection of three different shirts! Go nuts, pregnant ladies!). The only full-selection maternity store near me is Motherhood Maternity.  They all have more stuff online than they do in person but I like to try clothes on to figure out if its going to irritate my c-section scar or burst at the seams around my ginormous thighs.

The other problem I’ve encountered is the presumption on the part of maternity fashion designers that I wish to be cute and trendy.  Perhaps if I were younger or thinner or went out regularly, cute and trendy would be my priorities but, alas, those things are not true. I’m a 38-year-old stay at home mom who’s already 20 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. What I want out of clothes is practical, durable, and comfortable.

I’ve had to start thinking about a summer wardrobe over the past few days and I have a skeleton of what I want in mind: three pairs of capri pants, three sundresses, and five or six t-shirts. This should be an easy proposition, right? Maybe. It depends what clothing makers mean by “slim cut through the hip and thigh”. If they mean “snug enough to be kinda supportive and help combat summertime water retention”, I’m golden. If they mean “Posh Beckham would look hot in this”, I’m screwed. I don’t look like Posh on my best day. And pregnant? I look like Tweedle-Dum. I need all the room in the hip and thighs that designers can give me.

Tops and dresses should give me more breathing room, literally. But I was flipping through the dresses on Motherhood’s site and a lot of them looked like cocktail attire, not playground attire. They also tended to hit well above the knee. My legs don’t look good enough for that – plus I can’t bend to shave very well – and, well, short skirts and hanging on the playground with my 4 year old don’t mix. Unless, that is, I decide my neighbors are dying to know more about my underwear.

And why, oh, why are there so many garish patterns in maternity wear? Bright colors don’t look cute on my bump. They make me feel like a beach ball.

But, a girl must get dressed. Here are a few of the things I’ve bookmarked for spring and summer!

  • Maxi Dress 1 of 10
    Maxi Dress
    This green floral looks flowy and breezy and it's long enough to be wearable with no flashing worries!
    Purchase at Old Navy for $30
  • The LBD 2 of 10
    The LBD
    This little black dress is so simple and versatile that I could see myself wearing it every day!
    Purchase at Old Navy for $25
  • Denim Capris 3 of 10
    Denim Capris
    Love the lived-in look of these and the cuff at the bottom! Not sure the hip/thigh cut will work for me so I need to try them in-store first.
    Purchase at Old Navy for $20
  • Cargo Capris 4 of 10
    Cargo Capris
    Cargos are are basic and useful as they come and the drawstring is a recipe for summer comfort!
    Purchase at Old Navy for $32.94
  • Jersey Tees 5 of 10
    Jersey Tees
    I'm partial to the looser fit of this shirt and I love the cap sleeves!
    Purchase at Old Navy for $8
  • V-Neck Tees 6 of 10
    V-Neck Tees
    I live in v-neck t-shirts most summers so don't be surprised if I buy these in ever color.
    Purchase at Old Navy for $12
  • Striped Tees 7 of 10
    Striped Tees
    I love the crochet detail on this! It might look cute over leggings, if your legs are in better shape than mine, that is.
    Purchase at Motherhood Maternity
  • Pretty Prints 8 of 10
    Pretty Prints
    This little floral sundress is 100 flavors of adorable but its sooooo short. Not sure if I can pull it off.
    Purchase at Motherhood Maternity for $14.99
  • Denim Skirt 9 of 10
    Denim Skirt
    Denim skirts are one of my fav summer staples - versatile and easy to wear.
    Purchase at Motherhood Maternity for $34.98
  • Tankini Tops 10 of 10
    Tankini Tops
    As little as I want to think about it, the pool is going to be open just in time for the last month of my pregnancy! Ugh. This suit will let me keep it simple poolside.
    Purchase at Old Navy for $24.94

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