What’s the Opposite of Nesting? That’s What I’m Doing

Empty cardboard boxThere have been a lot of plans brewing at my house lately. About 6 weeks ago my husband and I got wind that the housing market in our town was turning around. We bought our little starter house right before the recession and thought we wouldn’t be able to sell it for years without taking a catastrophic loss. But then we noticed that things around here were going on the market and selling! Fast!

Our home is a cute 1,100 square foot house with an awesome yard and is perfect for a family of 3 or 4. But it would be very tight with 5. So earlier this winter we thought, why not try to sell it now? There are all these hungry buyers and no inventory! This will be great! And hot damn, our house sold in 10 days for a great price!

But guess what? There’s no inventory! And now we are among the droves of hungry buyers wandering around town wondering why there’s not more stuff to buy. Our closing date is rapidly approaching and we have no new house so it looks like we’re going to rent an apartment temporarily.

Now, the logical, practical side of me knows that this will all be fine. This transition will be challenging in the short-term, but in the long run it will be a couple months of inconvenience while we patiently wait for a house that’s just right for us. My husband and I both agree the worst thing we can do is rush into a bad real estate decision because we’re feeling pressured.

But the PREGNANT side of me is really not OK with this. At all. Every fiber of my body is telling me to start nesting. I need to make and freeze meals! Sort baby clothes! Vacuum the air ducts! Wipe down the fridge! Wash all the blankets! Instead, I will spend the next few weeks dismantling my household and putting it all in storage. I know this decision and this process make a lot of sense on paper…but emotionally (ahem, hormonally) this is completely counter-intuitive.

So my challenge in the next three months will be: creating a portable nest while trying not to completely lose my schmidt.

Did you go through a move while you were pregnant?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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