When Did Your Baby Bump Show Up?

This is a photo of me and my husband from my brother's wedding this past weekend with barely a baby bump in sight (he made me cut him out, because he had a funny face).

Hey Babblers!

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks pregnant.  That means that my baby is about the size of an turnip and it’s even got fingerprints!  Next Tuesday we’ll be finding out our baby’s sex and I’m just about half-way through this pregnancy.  But despite all of these milestones, there is one thing missing:  a baby bump.

I’ve only gained a couple of pounds despite the fact that I’m eating more food more often and have removed everything low-fat (except skim milk.  I just can’t stand the thicker stuff).  You’d think that eating lots of real buter, steak, eggs, etc  would help, but it’s apparently not doing the trick.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder:  Is there really a baby in there?

At school my preschoolers know that I’m pregnant, but on more than one occasion they’ve asked me “Teacher, are you sure there’s really a baby in there?”.  I always tell them yes and that pretty soon I’ll have a round belly, but sometimes I feel a little skeptical myself.

I’ve read that the baby can start moving anytime from the 15th week on, but so far, nothing.  I also haven’t even felt pregnant since the nausea subsided at 11 weeks and I haven’t had many of the typical pregnancy symptoms…heart burn, fatigue, cravings, etc…  This might sound like a dream to some women, but it makes me a little crazy sometimes.

So here’s my question to you:

When did your baby bump show up?  Was it right away or were you a late bloomer?  Did you gain weight quickly or slowly?  Did it catch up later?

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so I’ll be checking in with her, but I wanted to get some real mama feedback too.  Thanks!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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