When Morning Sickness Goes Beyond the First Trimester

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It was one of the first symptoms I experienced with my first pregnancy; morning sickness. I dreaded going to bed at night knowing that when I woke up in the morning I’d have that awful feeling in my stomach. Getting out of bed only made it worse, and before I knew it I was hugging the toilet for what seemed like hours.

Friends, family and even my doctor told me that it would quickly pass as my first trimester was over. Thirteen weeks passed and the toilet and I still met several times a day because of the nausea. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen weeks went by and still no relief.

With no end in sight I quickly turned to the internet and asked my doctor why I was still getting sick. They both admitted that a few women experience morning sickness beyond the first trimester. And I guess I was one of the unlucky few. It lasted a total of seven months when I was pregnant with Harlan. I tried all of the natural remedies; ginger, preggo pops, crackers, acupressure bands. If there was a “remedy,” I was willing to try it. Unfortunately none of them did the trick. When it started to get to the point that it was keeping me from going to work, I begged my doctor for relief. He prescribed me Zofran and within five minutes of taking it, I felt like a new woman. It soon became my “magic” pill and before I knew it, the morning sickness was no longer controlling my life.

Unfortunately with this pregnancy, things have started off on the same track as the first one. At four weeks (before I even knew I was pregnant) I began experiencing nausea and vomiting in the morning. Rather than trying all of the natural remedies, I asked my doctor for Zofran again knowing that it would help subside some of my symptoms. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as lucky with this pregnancy as I did with my first, because it didn’t work.

My “magic” pill had lost it’s magic and I was vomiting all day, every day. Add a very active toddler and the awful smelling streets of NYC during the summer, and it was a recipe for morning sickness disaster. After many trips to the doctor, she finally recommended that I go on a constant IV of Zofran to try to relieve some of the nausea. With much consideration, I declined her request and decided to go on a very bland diet while continuing to take the medication in pill form. For weeks I have eaten rice, chicken, chicken noodle soup, and drank Gatorade. Surprisingly, with the combination of my medication, it has started to make me feel better.

Now in the 17th week of my pregnancy, I am still suffering from the symptoms of morning sickness. I have recently noticed some relief when I wake up in the morning, but it isn’t consistent. Thankfully the baby and I have stayed healthy throughout, and I’ve even managed to gain necessary weight.

With no end in sight, I remain positive and optimistic, rather than sulk in my sickly sorrows. Because, at most, this can only last nine months, but the end reward lasts so much longer.

Have you experienced morning sickness? How did you deal with it?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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