When Nesting Is Not Enough @ 35 Weeks Pregnant


I have 4 weeks to finish a myriad of house projects and scheduled work tasks. Just 4 weeks. Am I putting undue pressure on myself? I know other pregnant women out there do this. It’s called, ‘nesting’ and we are apparent freaks of nature during this time period, but don’t you dare tell us so. Just help make it happen and everything will be just fine. (Obviously speaking to the partners out there).

So. I am making this list and sharing it on the internets to make it official. I’m looking for support here, so please don’t tell me I’m off my rocker or to slow down, just support my lunacy, pretty please? Maybe even share your whopper of a list if you are in the home-run of pregnancy. I know y’all have one, don’t be shy. Let us merge as one source of, ‘almighty-woman-possessed’ (yes, it’s a term) and check in on each-other now and then to (for lack of a classier term), GIT’ER DONE!

In order-ISH of priority:

  • Finish the ‘nursery’ for two. I’m not really down with calling it that, as we are planning to co-sleep with the new moppet for the first 9-12 months. Of course dependent on his/her sleeping styles/personality. Our young lad is now 20 months old and beyond having his room called a nursery. At ANY rate – they will eventually be a sharing a room for the first few years. I had created an awesome space for him at our old house, and I want to create one just as special for both of them in our new home. So. Stencils, sketch and cut. Bristle brushes out and do it. The walls are already primed and painted, theme picked out and colours for wall art to coordinate with fabrics done. I’m laughing, right?
  • Hire a doula
  • Do some fun, special activities with the wee lad before this baby comes and we’re home-base for weeks of the fun-time, summer-time. My top 2: the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo and Canada’s Wonderland. Otherwise known as toddler paradise’s.
  • Wash & sort through all newborn layette and diapers and stock shelves.
  • Wash and reassemble/install infant car-set and bassinet (baby hammock). Ah! Just remembered. Order this organic wool mini mattress pad for said baby hammock and toddler pillow for the wee man.
  • Buy new dresser or old and re-purpose for the extra drawers we need for two now, not one. On that note, purchase more ceramic owl drawer knobs to match with ones on the other dresser and theme. (Owls, trees and sparrows).
  • Finish quilt, some more swaddles, washcloths and receiving blankets for new babe.
  • Hang up art and pictures in their shared room as well as new dreamcatcher mobile above our bed, for the new babe during the co-sleeping months.
  • Find pump and sterilize.
  • Attack heavy pile of scheduled admin work for my other clients (Social Networking world).
  • Start to draft out some scheduled Babble posts 1 week before and after my due date. No guarantees I know, but at least I can try.
  • List a bunch of ready to ship items in my Etsy Shop and close down for custom orders.
  • Cook up a bunch of freezer meals, bake up a bunch of quinoa muffins and banana bread with all those bananas in the freezer downstairs.
  • Finish re-finishing front entry-way stairs, on the last leg – just have to stain steps and varnish. Yes, both products are non-toxic, lead free. Thank-you kind sir at the Home-Depot.
  • Plant the load of hosta’s my mother-in-law to be kindly brought over from her massive gardens this past weekend.
  • Keep on top of the day to day – home and house, tot love and play, incoming work and admin, time to breathe.
  • Choose names!!!!
The Mad Dash (I’m not gonna look this cute doing it).

I think that’s it. Or maybe I’m too embarrassed to share anymore. Of course I have the manling to help out with all of this – when he can. But he’s starting to tour heavily with the band he plays in and has contacts/clients galore with his small company. Sure, some of these things can wait. The world won’t come to an end if I don’t get them all done. I just have this funny feeling that my time is about to get waaaay more interrupted. I want to revel in all of that (new baby, assuring our son, growing family, etc.) and be prepared with no big to-do lists still.

To be honest, this list is not out-of-the-ordinary form how things usually are. But since I’m being honest, I’m feeling a tad bit more stressed out over my to-do lists these days. Often I just want to sleeeeeep and soak up time with my boy. Just the two or three of us.

Show me what you got ladies. I can’t be alone. Dear buddha, I hope not.

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