When To Tell Your Work You Are Pregnant


i just found out your pregnant
Tell your work and the appropriate friends and co-workers that you are pregnant when the time is right. I had this sign left on my window at work after not fully announcing my pregnancy.

Finding out your pregnant can bring mixed responses both personally and publicly. If this was a planned event, you may feel like shouting it from the roof tops.


Many women wait until several early pregnancy risk factors pass – after the first trimester before announcing it to the world. But when should you tell work that you are pregnant?

As a working mom of 3 (soon to be 4!), I can tell you this. Each pregnancy and boss is different and the decision needs to be based on when YOU feel it’s right. There is no law that says, you must notify your work that you are pregnant before XX amount of weeks. While I do believe there is a clause in the FMLA paperwork stating you need to give 1 month notice of all known conditions before leaving – I don’t know many women who wait 30 weeks to tell their employers about a pregnancy. 

Are you mentally prepared for pregnancy?

While this may sound like a trick question, it’s not! Some women need time to adjust personally to the news of a new baby. Whether this baby be their first or fourth, pregnancy hormones can play tricks with your mind. Once you get yourself into a state of “yes, I am pregnant” is a good first step towards telling your work that you are pregnant.

Your boss

I have been blessed the last 3 pregnancies with bosses that are mothers. They know the ups and downs of mommy hood and have been there to console me in times of fear, nervousness, sickness and through-out my maternity leave. I do work for a company in which is the majority of the employees are women. This does tend to be quite the advantages when having to talk about pregnancy and juggling the life work balance.

So when is the right time to tell your work that you are pregnant?

My answer would be, when you are comfortable – but know if you wait too long – you do have that baby in your belly and clothing changes that maybe best to tell before too far along.

I always told at around the 13 week pregnancy mark.  I wasn’t showing yet. I had an ultrasound knowing all was on track with the pregnancy. And my emotions were a bit more under control.

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When Did You Tell Work That You Are Pregnant?

Working during pregnancy: keeping comfortable, starting maternity leave and more


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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