When Trying to Conceive, Do You Worry About the Birth Month?

When Trying to Conceive, Do You Worry About the Birth Month?I have been trying to conceive for a while now and when we first started trying to make it happen, I was being picky over which month the birth month would be.

I have three kids already and their birthdays are so close to each other so I wanted to avoid that with the 4th child, if possible. Speed (who is 7) has his birthday just a few days before Christmas and Raru (who is 6) and Bean (who is 4) both have their birthday’s a few days apart in February.

That makes the December — February months not only hectic, but you know — expensive too. I wanted to avoid the conception from March through June to try to avoid those months for another baby.

Once the conception started to take a lot longer than I had hoped, I dropped the controlling planning that I was trying to do. I decided that while it would be preferred to avoid the winter baby again, I was at that point where I just wanted any baby — no matter if it was a third February child.

When you’re facing infertility, there is so much that gets taken out of your control and that little planning I thought I could do, was no longer important. After not being able to control ovulation, long cycles and if it will happen — I didn’t want to be another roadblock in my way.

When you’re trying to conceive, faced with infertility or not, do you try to factor what the birth month will be and when you will start? Does it matter to you?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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