When Trying to Conceive Turns into an Infertility Diagnosis

When Trying to Conceive Turns into an Infertility DiagnosisIt’s funny how different things can be when you plan them out verses what really happens.

This is not my first time on the “get pregnant” train and I had everything figured out. I was going to wait until my husband got the baby fever too, which I was sure would happen.

After a year, sure enough it did and he was on board.

I thought this was going to be a text book conception plan. I was basal body temping, I was on my prenatal vitamins, I was exercising. I had both my family doctor and OB/GYN on board and the medications in house that I need to help prevent miscarriage and stillbirth.

I was going to get pregnant the first month since I knew what I was doing. We were going to have another baby around the start of November before the birthdays of our other kids. It was all planned out.

Except, none of that happened.

Months went by and I would blame my not-pregnant state on my husband and I not timing things right (knowing that wasn’t really the case). I analysed my chart, checked and re-checked for any signs of fertility. I worried about why it wasn’t happening, then worried that I was worrying too much.

I had never anticipated that I would have trouble getting pregnant. I had not had issues in the past, in fact it was kind of the opposite. Inside jokes between my husband and I that he would just need to look at me and I would have a uterus inhabitant.

My trouble has always been staying pregnant and of course, that wasn’t going to be an issue this time since I had the help of 2 doctors, hormone pills and injections for my abdomen that would keep this safe.

I had struggled with the idea of going to the doctor to discuss why I wasn’t pregnant yet. It has been 8 months with planned, timed intercourse and I was noticing some patterns in my chart and an overall feeling that something wasn’t right. Some signs I had that I couldn’t ignore any longer were:

  • I Was Feeling Very Tired 1 of 6
    I Was Feeling Very Tired
    It seemed that no matter how much sleep I got, I was always tired. I felt a lot of urge to take naps during the day and was just not my energetic self.
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  • I Had No Sign of Ovulation on My Chart 2 of 6
    I Had No Sign of Ovulation on My Chart
    While charting, there was no clear pattern that I was regularly ovulating. I could see only 1-2 months out of the year where it was really obvious.
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  • My Period Was Irregular & Late 3 of 6
    My Period Was Irregular & Late
    My luteal phase was all out of wack -- really long and not consistent. My period wavered from month to month as well.
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  • I Had A Full, Uncomfortable Feeling 4 of 6
    I Had A Full, Uncomfortable Feeling
    I had this weird full feeling in my lower abdomen, around where my ovaries were. Since I had ovarian cysts in the past, I had a feeling that this was similar.
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  • Intercourse Was Painful 5 of 6
    Intercourse Was Painful
    It hurt and we spent a lot of time after the births of my babies making sure sex no longer hurt (including a surgery, story for a different time), but it hurting again was a big indication that I should go get checked out.
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  • I Had Little Drive 6 of 6
    I Had Little Drive
    Its not like me, but I was having little interest in getting the deed done. I had little cervical mucus that indicated the readiness either. It was just a far cry from my usual behaviour.
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That instinct was shown to be true — after a big round of blood tests and ultrasound confirmed that I am not ovulating and well, that’s pretty much important when you’re trying to grow a baby!

I met again with my OB/GYN to go over the results and to come up with a plan. He was wanting to do a full fertility panel – have my husband’s sperm analysed, to have myself checked for blocked fallopian tubes or see if there were any underlying issues outside not ovulating. My ultrasound did show that I have multiple cysts on each ovary which looks like it could be PCOS, yet no other symptoms are present (and I have a history of cycts).

We decided that since I have gotten pregnant recently and lost the baby, that’s an indication that my husband’s sperm is not likely a big issue, nor is a blocked fallopian tube. I’ve been given some medications to try to induce ovulation for next month — hello, clomid.

So, instead of being full-term pregnant as my first plan had set out for me to be, I am waiting for my tardy period to show up so I can begin a new plan, one that will hopefully go according to my hopes this time.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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