When Will I Start Looking Pregnant?

when will i look pregnant
When Will I Look Pregnant?

The pregnancy test is positive. You have this baby growing in your belly, but when will you start looking pregnant? When will you have to start buying maternity clothes?

As with all pregnancies and people – each person will vary. With each additional pregnancy, you tend to feel and look pregnant sooner.

In regards to the maternity clothes question – that’s entirely up to you. The good thing with maternity clothes, most are typically built to fit you thru the majority of your pregnancy journey. Typically, as soon as you can’t fit into those pants or your shirts seem a wee bit snugger and shorter – it’s time to start migrating to your new maternity look.

With my first child, it took a good 5 months before it looked as if there was anything growing in my belly. For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th – not so much. Some women are able to go MONTHS without even looking pregnant, ex. Ivanka Trump’s pregnancy.

I felt like slipping into maternity clothes by the time the 2nd trimester hit.

The typical baby bump seems to start appearing around 16 – 18 weeks of pregnancy, which when looking at the tracking of a child’s in utero growth, this would make sense. During these weeks the baby is experiencing a major growth spurt. Your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length during this time. That may just be the reason that your belly bump tends to be rounding out about this time as well. {Image source:}

I recently stumbled across this YouTube video of the Family Feud. The question asked was During What Month of Pregnancy, Does a Woman Begin to Look Pregnant? The answer, well watch and find out:

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