When Your Baby is Sick: 10 Things to Bring to the Hospital For Yourself

If you will be staying with your baby at the hospital, it will help you if you have the right supplies to keep yourself comfortable. This will allow you to focus more on the baby’s care and less on whatever discomfort you are experiencing. We all have limits, and I know that I benefitted from the times that Jarod took the night shift for me, but I still needed to be okay for the long haul overall.

When we were checking Elvie into the hospital the second time, we saw a couple that had brought suitcases; even if you can go home daily to shower and get clean clothes, a travel bag for all your gear is a great idea. Some of the things on my list are things you might find to be unnecessary, or you may add something that I don’t normally use. I’ve got ten recommendations to help you make your own packing list.


  • Pajamas or Clothes Comfortable Enough to Sleep in 1 of 10
    Pajamas or Clothes Comfortable Enough to Sleep in
    Whether you choose pajamas or sleeping in comfortable clothes will depend on your preference and your situation. Because people were in and out of the room frequently, I felt best wearing clothes so that I was ready at a moment's notice. This was especially nice mornings after I'd been awake most of the night with the baby; I could sleep as late as possible but still be ready for a morning coffee run before rounds without any fuss.

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  • A Small Blanket or Pashmina 2 of 10
    A Small Blanket or Pashmina
    When it got a bit chillier at night, it was nice to have something familiar to grab for a little extra warmth. I took a soft pashmina that was the size of a small blanket, and it also worked well for pulling around my shoulders during the day.
  • Socks or Slippers 3 of 10
    Socks or Slippers
    Hospital floors are kind of gross, and you don't want to have to put your shoes on to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. A pair of comfy socks or slippers comes in handy for times when there's no need for shoes.
  • Toiletries 4 of 10
    If you are able to go home to shower, you can narrow this list down to toothpaste, toothbrush, and face wipes if you need a little refreshing in the morning. If you will be showering at the hospital, be sure to bring your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, and razor.

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  • Lotion and Lip Balm 5 of 10
    Lotion and Lip Balm
    My hands got extremely dry from the hand sanitizer required when leaving and entering the room, plus handwashing after diaper changes and spit-up cleanup. I also found that my lips got really dry; the hospital air must have been drier than average.
  • Your Own Cup or Mug 6 of 10
    Your Own Cup or Mug
    The disposable cups in the pantry were laughably small. Bringing a mug or cup of your own insures that you'll have water at the ready and not have to refill it every three sips.
  • Snacks That You Like 7 of 10
    Snacks That You Like
    Between procedures and doctor visits, it can be hard to leave the room. Having a variety of snacks and some gum on hand helped tide me over when I couldn't get out for a meal.
  • Pen and Paper 8 of 10
    Pen and Paper
    There are going to be things you need to remember, and having pen and paper handy to jot things down is a must. This will also come in handy if you need to leave a note on your door asking for privacy.
  • Reading Material 9 of 10
    Reading Material
    For me, nothing passes the time like a glossy magazine or a good novel. There were some procedures during which I just had to wait, and it was nice to have something to occupy my mind that wasn't too heavy.

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  • Tech Gadgets and Chargers 10 of 10
    Tech Gadgets and Chargers
    Whatever it is that keeps you connected will be necessary at the hospital. Most hospitals offer WiFi service, so bring your laptop if you can get work done online. Make sure you have all your cords, cables, and chargers as well.

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