Where Is All The Pregnancy Parking?

New moms should also get front row parking status.

The first time I rolled up to Babies R Us and saw their “stork parking” I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I’m not-so-pleasantly surprised that more businesses don’t offer stork parking. Not only that, but they should offer new mom parking as well.

Seriously, empty handicapped parking stalls abound. When is the last time you saw every handicapped parking spot taken up by a vehicle? How about never? Why not use one or two of those rarely used stalls for pregnancy parking?

Some women believe we should take it a step further and let our pregnant pals cut in line as well. As Jacqueline Burt reports over on The Stir, she recently heard a story about a popular sandwich shop that has a pregnant ladies don’t have to stand in line” policy.

Burt smartly theorizes that the joint must be owned by a mom who likely recognizes that pregnant women are very good eaters. But while the concept is brilliant, Burt acknowledges that she heard about “this mythical sandwich shop through a long, twisty grapevine and its actual name and location are a mystery. ”

So what’s the deal? Why don’t more businesses offer pregnant parking? And do you know of any restaurants or shops that allow pregnant women to cut to the front of the line?  Does this sandwich shop really exist?

Alli Smith has broached the topic of stork parking before. It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that, as with all things involving pregnancy, there is a controversy.

…some have commented that they don’t appreciate pregnancy considered as a disability (even if you’re on bedrest?), while others say it’s insensitive to women who are hoping for children but haven’t been able to conceive. I can’t say I disagree.

What? Insensitive to women who haven’t been able to conceive? Are you kidding me? That’s just absolutely ridiculous. A woman with swollen feet, back pain and fifty pounds of extra weight shouldn’t have the convenience of a parking stall close to the front doors of a business because a stranger is having trouble conceiving?  I feel for women trying to conceive and have a couple friends up to their eyeballs in debt because they’re going through IVF, but girl, please.  That’s just absurd.

Businesses should not only offer pregnant parking also follow IKEA’s lead and offer family parking. I would firmly argue that shopping alone with two children is easier than shopping with a broken foot. Okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty damn close.  You get my point… If Walmart can provide motorized scooters for their heavier clientele, they sure as hell should offer pregnant parking.

Who’s with me?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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