Where Is This Burst of Energy?

I really don’t complain about pregnancy that often. After all, this is my fifth pregnancy. Gosh, sometimes it is crazy to even type “fifth pregnancy”. But anyway, I’ve been dragging. Sure, it could have been my recent hospital stay or the fact that I am still battling a kidney infection, but I just keep looking for that burst of energy I am used to going into the second trimester. Where’d ya go sunshine?

Here’s my question: what do you do when you can’t get that Starbucks with two shots of espresso around 2pm? How do you get the energy to keep on truckin’? Some days, I am ready to take a nap an hour after I wake up. Considering I have 4 Littles + Mr. Darling to take care of, not to mention run a biz – that is definitely not something I can do. Naps are sooo ten years ago. However, I would love a nap, and 7pm can’t come soon enough. And just think, this comes from someone who has been a night owl forever, but lately, I can’t stay up pass 9! What gives?

Well, I took it upon myself and leaned on Google. Yes, gotta love Google. And Babble, of course! I was desperate for some serious energy boosting tips as I am at 14 weeks. Of course, most sites suggest exercise, which I do, at least 30 minutes or more every day. Others suggested sleep – but, the more I sleep, the more tired I get. I am starting to wonder if since I lost out on all that morning sickness I usually have, instead I am getting no energy. Guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too, huh? So, forget Google — I am leaning on you!

Did you get a burst of energy come second trimester? In the meantime, what did you do besides chug a Rockstar? Please, tell me! Send your energy vibes my way because exhaustion has taken over.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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