Which Is Worse: Heartburn or Morning Sickness?

Which Is Worse: Heartburn or Morning Sickness?The pregnancy symptom that seems to get all the play is morning sickness. I still don’t understand why it’s always referred to as morning sickness, a lot of the common nausea during pregnancy can be attributed to an empty stomach. It makes sense then that it would be worse in the morning, but that wasn’t the case for me when I was pregnant. It would be more aptly named “all day, or strike-out-of-nowhere sickness,” which was definitely more my experience.

There is another pregnancy symptom that I personally think is equally annoying and debilitating — heartburn. I’ve not experienced this symptom any other time in my life, other than pregnancy. Not even if I ate the greasiest food in the world, I never seemed to need to reach for the antacids to make myself feel better.

However, when I was pregnant it didn’t seem to matter what I ate, or even if I even ate at all, I would get heartburn. I would experience it after drinking a glass of water, plain crackers, apples, chips — you name it.

I am not sure which one was worse to experience — the nausea/vomiting or the heartburn. To me, they both seemed to have their debilitating factors and certainly made the whole “eating thing” a lot less enjoyable.

I wanna know, which one do you think is worse if you had to choose one evil over the other? Leave your choice in the comments — I’m interested to see the results!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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