Which One Are You? 7 Different Types of Pregnant Women

When I am pregnant I typically get bad morning sickness (I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my last pregnancy), have  bad luck with kidney stones and I carry all out in front which can make things a bit awkward. All that said, I still love being pregnant and am still holding out hope I will get to experience it again soon.

I have seen many friends live through the ups and downs of carrying a child and you can tell just how different each woman is when it comes to pregnancy. Some love it, others hate it, and some carry on as if they weren’t pregnant at all. I have noticed that there are about 7 different “categories” of pregnant ladies. Although you could be in a totally different category the next time, pregnancy is funny like that.

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  • The Barely Noticeable 1 of 7
    There is always one pregnant woman that you wouldn't necessarily know is pregnant unless she spilled the beans and told you herself. Usually tall with lots of room to hide a baby, she may not even need maternity clothes.
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  • The Built For It 2 of 7
    There are some women who just seem made for pregnancy. They don't slow down, they glow and bounce right back afterwards.
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  • The Out of Control 3 of 7
    I would classify myself under this category. We're usually short and the baby just grows outwards beyond logic. Strangers comment on how you must be carrying twins or near ready to pop when you're barely in the second trimester.
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  • The Constantly Sick 4 of 7
    I feel terrible for the women whose bodies don't really get along well with growing a baby. They're constantly sick with something or other and it can be hard to watch. You want so badly to help, but aren't able to fix it!
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  • The In-Better Shape 5 of 7
    You've probably seen her. I will never be her. But I am always impressed by the pregnant woman who is more fit than anyone else and continues to do marathons well into the third trimester.
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  • The Awkward 6 of 7
    Pregnancy changes your body a lot and sometimes these changes can occur overnight. The awkward pregnant woman is always taken by surprise and she's always just a bit awkward about it. She stumbles, pops her belly on the door way or never quite fits into her shirt.
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  • The Please Help Me 7 of 7
    Not my favorite pregnant type, but they're out there. The women who think that just because they are pregnant that everyone should do everything for them. They use this time as an excuse to get what they want, when they want it.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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