While You Were Puking: Pregnancy Medical News Update

The Latest Pregnancy Medical News

Can you believe January is over? Oh, how the time just flies by…

This week, I’ve got a super informative While You Were Puking, chock full of the latest pregnancy medical news. I know keeping up with the most current info can seem daunting — and even exhausting. That’s just one of the reasons I do this column: to make it easy for you to have all the latest pregnancy medical news in one series.

Here’s what’s out this week:

Premature Birth Linked to Asthma, Wheezing in Childhood: Every now and again, doctors take a fresh look at older information to see if there’s anything else that can be taken from past research. That’s just what happened when researchers analyzed existing evidence about premature babies. What they found is that these tiny, underdeveloped newborns face a higher risk of developing asthma and wheezing disorders in childhood. (SOURCE: Health Day)

Vitamin D Deficiency In Pregnancy Increases Preeclampsia Risk: New research suggests that pregnant women who have a vitamin D deficiency during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy are a whopping 40% more likely to develop severe preeclampsia. That’s no slight increase, and it’s not the only risk of vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy. Not getting enough of this “sunshine” vitamin can also up a pregnant woman’s risk of gestational diabetes, infection, c-sections, and low birth weight. (SOURCE: Medical News Today)

Fetal Growth Tied to Cardiac Risk Factors: This is the most fascinating story of the week, if you ask me. Apparently, unborn babies with short crown-to-rump lengths are more at risk for adverse cardiovascular outcomes by age 6. Specifically, these children had higher total fat mass, higher “android/gynoid fat mass ratios and high diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol.” (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Nicotine Replacement in Pregnancy Linked to Obesity in Offspring: Smoking during pregnancy is bad; we all know that. But pregnant smokers who wish to quit with the help of the nicotine patch might now find themselves making another tough decision. According to new research, using nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy can up the chance of having a child who suffers from obesity. (SOURCE: Medical News Today)

Binge Drinkers Before Pregnancy are Often Binge Drinkers During Pregnancy: Once a lush, always a lush. Relax, I’m kidding. I know alcohol abuse is a serious issue — so serious that apparently women who binge drink before pregnancy continue to binge drink during pregnancy, according to a new report. In fact, nearly half of pre-pregnant binge drinkers are also binge drinkers during pregnancy. (SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald)

So, there ya have it, ladies! This week’s latest pregnancy medical news. Remember, the info here is meant to keep you up to date. It is, by no means, meant as medical advice. As always, talk to your doctor about your pregnancy concerns.

See you next week!


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