While You Were Puking: Pregnancy Medical News Update

The Latest Pregnancy Medical News

This edition of While You Are Puking is coming to you a day early this week! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I’ve got plans…

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging, because there is so much great and informative pregnancy medical news out this week. Stay informed. Check it out. And share with your pregnant friends!

Pregnant Teens Under 15 Face Unique Risks: According to the latest study, girls who give birth before age 15 were more likely to have sex with much older teenagers/young men, and less likely to use any form of birth control. Specifically, “nearly 36 percent of girls who first got pregnant before age 15 had sex for the first time with a partner at least six years older.” (SOURCE: Yahoo! News)

Blood Clot Risk Lasts for 12 Weeks After Giving Birth, Not Just Six: It has customarily been thought that the risk for blood clots after having a baby ended at six weeks postpartum. But a new study shows that the risk is actually twice as long, lasting until 12 weeks post-birth. (SOURCE: CBS News)

Midwives Provide Crucial Care for Hospital Births: New research shows that babies born at home with a midwife are at a higher risk of death than are babies who are born with a midwife in a hospital or an in-house birthing center at a hospital. The research suggests that it is home births, not midwives, that put newborns at risk. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

New Thoughts on Dealing with Gestational Hypertension: New findings state that women who suffer from non-severe hypertensive disorders in the final weeks of pregnancy should instead be monitored closely, as opposed being rushed into delivery. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

The Best Way to Test Twins Lungs: It’s common to test only one twin for lung maturity. But now specialists are saying that isn’t good enough for determining if both are ready to be delivered, which is why they now recommend testing both twins. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Medical Associations Differ Greatly on Stroke Management in Pregnancy: The American Heart Association recently put forth new guidelines on stroke management for pregnancy, but the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists don’t quite agree. It’s actually pretty amazing to see how this “professional dispute” is being handled. Check out the source for details, and tell me which one you’re inclined to believe. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

As always, this is meant to be used for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice, nor should it be substituted for medical advice from your doctor.


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