While You Were Puking: Pregnancy Medical News Update

The Latest Pregnancy Medical NewsHey, hey, hey! It’s that time of week again! Time for the latest pregnancy medical news in this edition of While You Were Puking. This week is especially great — simply because the days are getting longer and spring is right around the corner.

But there is also some incredible pregnancy medical news out this week, so let’s hop to it.

New Hormone Discovery Could Help Curb Pre-term Labor: A new study out of California (that focuses on the reproductive health of horses) has identified a new hormone that researchers say helps support pregnancies to full term. The scientists believe the discovery will have positive implications for human pregnancies. (SOURCE: Daily Democrat News)

DNA Test Effective Screening Tool for Down Syndrome: A “next-generation” of blood testing proves to have a lower rate of false positives for detecting Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, the cost of this test could keep it out of reach for some time. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Secondhand Smoke Poses Pregnancy Risks: Not surprisingly, but according to new research, “Women exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke had a significantly increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and ectopic pregnancy.” (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Older Dads at Risk of Passing Along Mental Disorders: A new report out this week shows that older fathers have a much higher risk of having children with mental disorders than younger dads. Guess that biological clock doesn’t just tick for women after all. (SOURCE: NBC News)

New IVF Option Might be Made Available to Women: The FDA is currently considering whether or not mitochondrial DNA altering is safe for IVF. Scientists have recently discovered it can be done, and that healthy mitochondria can replace the diseased mitochondria DNA of some women trying to conceive. It’s really quite fascinating. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Flu During Pregnancy Can Up the Risk of Bipolar in Offspring: Children whose mothers had the flu during pregnancy are at an increased risk of developing bipolar disorder with psychotic features, like hallucinations and delusions, according to a new study. (SOURCE: Daily Rx)

1st-Trimester Fever Can Raise Risk of Birth Defects: New research has found that babies are at a slightly higher risk of birth defects if their mothers had a fever in the 1st trimester. Specifically, running a temperature in the early stages of pregnancy is linked to a 50% to threefold increase in having a baby with cleft palate, heart defects, and neural tube defects. (SOURCE: HealthDay)

Unintended Pregnancy Linked to Higher Risk of Postpartum Depression: I feel like this could kind of be a no-brainer, but. A new study shows that mothers whose pregnancies weren’t planned are at a higher risk for suffering from postpartum depression. Sure, it’s a total life change, and one they weren’t expecting. (SOURCE: PsychCentral)

Remember ladies, this is intended to be informative, and should never be used as medical advice. Speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.


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