Who Gets To Be in the Delivery Room

Newborn baby girlRecently one of my friends asked me who I’ll have in the delivery room at the birth of my new baby in a few weeks and I looked at her like she was crazy. NO ONE. That is always the answer to that question.

My two prior deliveries were small affairs: me, my husband, a nurse and the OB. I liked it that way. I really, really, really wanted to get a doula with my first birth but in NYC it was a cost prohibitive dream. Thankfully, I had an amazing L&D nurse who was on-board with my birth plan and even stayed after her shift was over to help deliver my baby!

More and more I’ve been thinking about moms-to-be who invite family members and spectators to the birth. This honestly sounds like my idea of hell. Maybe it’s because my own mom has passed away but I honestly can’t think of anyone I would want to see me in that compromised state. I’m sweating, I’m cursing, and there are lots of bodily fluids involved that I can’t control.

But what about unwanted guests? I recently read this post over at Today Moms with stories from women who have had grandparents burst into the labor and delivery room unannounced and uninvited–and at inopportune times–like when one mom was having her tears sewn up. Another woman’s mother-in-law somehow sneaked into the OR and held her baby after the c-section before she or her husband had seen the baby. Stories like this make me appreciate that my extended family seems to understand personal boundaries.

Did you have any guests (wanted or unwanted) in your delivery room?

Source: Today Moms

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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