Why Do Some Adoptions Cost More and Take Longer?

Why Do Some Adoptions Cost More and Take Longer via Babble.comMoney and time are two of the main arguments that anti adoption groups bring to the table when talking on their viewpoint of it all.

$40,000 for a child? Waiting 5 years to bring a healthy one home? Why is this? Aren’t all children just that? Children?

Below, I show you some of the reasons this is. Some are due to demand. Others are due to need. Some are preference. All in all, some are good reasons. Some are not. Others are being changed to become more fair and legit. As with any large system that deals with children (public school, medical care) there are pros and cons to the entire thing.

If you’re thinking about adopting or know someone who is, I encourage you to read and share this. Maybe it will change minds on how we can be an influence in the broken parts, while standing firm in the things that are beneficial to children in this.

After all, when it comes down to adoption, it’s about what is best for that child. That’s all it really should be about. After all, most of these children don’t have a choice in where they ended up in their own country, or who they end up with in another. The process should respect that and take great care that their needs are met first. Not ours as adults.

  • Race 1 of 9
    In a just world, every baby would be just that - a baby. But in our society, Caucasian babies are 7 times more likely to be adopted than African American ones. This means that often times African American infants are placed in foster homes while the waiting list for a Caucasian child can be 2 years or more in some agencies.

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  • Need 2 of 9
    The requests for a girl make up the majority of international adoptions. Now many countries are enforcing the "You get what you get" rule and making sure parents understand that it's no longer a choice.

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  • Gender 3 of 9
    Boys tend to be overlooked in adoption. Some countries and agencies have incentivies monetarily for a couple willing to adopt a boy. The result of the "baby girl" boom is thousands of boys that are much older before they are adopted, if they ever are.

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  • Siblings 4 of 9
    Adopting two? Agencies will usually only charge one set of certain fees during this time. Often siblings are placed on a waiting child list, which qualifies them for grants, reduced fees, and quicker placement.
  • Age 5 of 9
    Older children are usually 5+ in the adoption world. As a teen waiting to be adopted, there is such a huge need for families that these children are a priority - and with that sometimes comes a much easier time logistically and financially to adopt them.
  • Special Needs 6 of 9
    Special Needs
    Children with special needs are usually placed on the waiting child list of an agency. This means their profile and often pic goes out to all waiting families to see if anyone is interested in adopting him or her. There are grants, tax credits, and reduced agency fees associated with this kind of adoption, although it does depend on the special need and the situation.

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  • Country Fees 7 of 9
    Country Fees
    Traveling to Russia? You may need to go 3 times before you can bring your child home. This can add up, and legit agencies will put that in their cost of estimated fees to make you aware of a total cost. Also consider the court system in the country, as well as the type of care your child received.

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  • Medical Needs 8 of 9
    Medical Needs
    Countries that are known for better medical care are often more enticing to parents who already won't know a great deal about their child. Third world countries often cost significantly less to adopt from, and this may be one of the factors.
  • Specifications 9 of 9
    Want a healthy baby girl from China? Be prepared to wait at least 4 years to bring her home. China was flooded with baby girl adoptions after it made headlines years ago with the unwanted female babies it had. Now it's trying to get parents to also be open to boys as well, who have much shorter wait times.

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