Why I'd Never Choose My Baby's Birthday

This little one's making his/her entrance when s/he is ready!

There’s been a lot of talk about induction lately.  And I get it: moms have a variety of reasons for choosing to induce labor, whether planned or due to complications (not that I don’t understand it in the case of complications; sometimes it is the safest option!).

But you know…in order to set an induction date, you have to choose your baby’s birthday.  That’s something I can’t quite wrap my head around.  I’d have to actually pick my baby’s birthday?  Somehow a person’s birthday seems “sacred” to me, in a way…and I don’t think I could ever actually choose the actual date!

There are lots of little mysteries when you’re expecting a baby: whether it’s a boy or girl, what it’ll look like, what its personality will be like…when it will be born.  Sure, we’re given “due dates,” but these are just estimates about when the baby should come.  Really, there’s a two-week (or so) range on either side of this date.

When I’m expecting, I always wonder when my baby will decide to show up.  My son’s birthday is July 16th.  I’m “officially” due August 5th this time, placing me right at 37 weeks on my son’s birthday.  So, this baby “could” come anywhere from mid-July to mid-August (the 19th places me 2 weeks late).  Will my baby come in July, or August?  Will his/her birthday be on or near a family member’s birthday (my son, my SIL, my father — all are in this date range)?  What exact date will s/he come?

I couldn’t choose my child’s birthday, personally, anymore than I could choose his/her sex.  I get what I get…and it makes it even more special and unique to know that my baby chose his/her own birthday!

Plus, it’s just a really exciting time.  Everyday in those last weeks, I have to wonder…is this the day?  I get up and go about my business, but every twinge could be a contraction.  Every contraction could be a “real” one instead of just Braxton Hicks!  It’s so thrilling, to me, not to know exactly when it will come.  It’s this special surprise — and I love surprises!

Anticipating my baby’s birth and the whole unexpected nature is part of the fun.  It’s just as much fun for me as counting fingers and toes, examining hair color and facial features, and learning my baby’s temperament.  It’s part of the magic of new babies!

Do you prefer to choose your baby’s birthday or leave it as a surprise?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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