Why I’m Finding Out My Baby’s Sex


I have a daughter and son at home so, as my husband says, this third baby is the cherry on top. We have one of each so we know we are already going to experience the joys and challenges of parenting both a boy and a girl. We aren’t hoping for one sex over another in order to fulfill some desire to round out the gender balance in our family. So…does that mean we should find out the baby’s sex now or wait for the big delivery day?

Here are a few reasons we have decided to find out now if we are having a boy or a girl:

Easing Sibling Disappointment

Not surprisingly, my daughter is hoping for a baby sister and my son is hoping for a baby brother. They both feel *very* strongly about their “choice” and they talk and bicker about it daily. I feel it is in our family’s best interest to find out the baby’s sex now so that whichever sibling is going to be disappointed can express it now, pout, and then get over it. This baby is coming, so get on board!

Less Fighting about Names

Two of the things I love about my husband are his passion and confidence. If he loves something, he really loves it. But that can make the process of picking baby names stressful. We picked our daughter’s name early in my pregnancy with almost no issues, but there were months of debate over my son’s name. He loved a particular name that I was lukewarm about and so the conversation lasted through delivery, into the postpartum recovery room. The battles over this new baby’s name have already begun. If we can eliminate half our choices now and avoid a similar naming debacle, I know it will save me some stress and energy.

The Clothes

I knew the sex of my daughter and son in advance, which means I have no gender-neutral newborn clothes. They are all flowers and hearts or trucks and dinosaurs. Yes, my daughter sported some boy baby clothes and my son wore some girl clothes here and there, but for the most part I’ve got nothing gender neutral. Finding out the sex now will allow me to wash and prepare the clothes I need and give away the unneeded clothes to another mama who needs them. It’s one less thing to organize and execute after baby is here, when I will surely be severely sleep deprived.

I Don’t Like Surprises

Anecdotally, it seems that many of the couples I know who did not find out the sex in advance did so because they felt “there are so few real surprises left in life!” To this I usually respond by saying I still get to be surprised–just in the ultrasound room instead of the delivery room. Besides, isn’t someone pulling a human out of your body a surprise? And maybe I am just really naïve but life shocks the hell out of me all the time. I feel like at least once a month I get news about family or friends, happy and sad, that leaves me breathless with joy or stress-eating chocolate for comfort. Life has enough surprises, in my opinion.

Did you decide to find out during your pregnancy or wait for the big reveal on the baby’s birthday?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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