20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

  • Splitting It 50-50 1 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    1. Splitting It 50-50

    Maybe your dad never changed a diaper, but when you become a parent, you'll be expected to share the load equally. Which, in the end, works out best for everyone.

    7 tips for equally shared parenting

  • You Can Stop at One 2 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    2. You Can Stop at One

    Or two, or three. But no one expects you to have more than that — unless you're Angelina Jolie.

    Should we try for another kid?

  • Diaper Options 3 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    3. Diaper Options

    Gone are the days of safety pins and fabric squares. Cloth diapers are easier to use and prettier than ever. But if you find they're not for you, don't worry; even disposables can be environmentally friendly.

    Sharpen your changing skills with Babble's diaper guide

  • Maternity Leave Is More Humane 4 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    4. Maternity Leave Is More Humane

    It's nowhere near where it should be, but the Family and Medical Leave Act is still a huge improvement over the Don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out Act. Plus, more lactation rooms (spaces for moms to pump in private) have been popping up across the country, from "boob cubes" in the Capitol to The Village at the Super Bowl.

  • The Interweb Is Always On 5 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    5. The Interweb Is Always On

    Have a teething question at 3 a.m.? Log on and get 5,000 suggestions from parents who are just as (reluctantly) awake as you are. Beats your mom's dog-eared copy of Dr. Spock.

    Our favorite parenting listservs in the country

  • Even Celebrities Are Doing It! 6 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    6. Even Celebrities Are Doing It!

    And by celebrities, we mean supermodels. And by supermodels, we mean Victoria's Secret supermodels.

    A VS baby boom: Who's next?

  • You Don’t Need to Opt Out 7 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    7. You Don't Need to Opt Out

    Working parents, feel guilt no more! Work can actually be good for your kids — and yourself, as a parent.

    Why this mom decided to start working

  • But If You Want to, That’s Okay! 8 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    8. But If You Want to, That's Okay!

    Stay-at-home moms and dads no longer need to feel isolated, thanks to the network of web communities and meet-ups that offer support. And if you're seeking a compromise, new telecommuting jobs open up all the time.

    The top Facebook fan pages for parents

  • Get a Load Off 9 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    9. Get a Load Off

    The scale can be scary during pregnancy, but a large percentage of that weight is the baby and surrounding fluids — meaning it will be gone by the time you get home from the hospital. As for the remaining weight, a lot of it can be eliminated by calorie-burning breastfeeding and easier-than-you-think exercises. (Like walking — you'd be surprised at the ways in which taking a stroll can help you parent!)

    10 exercises busy moms can do whenever, wherever

  • Photo Sharing 10 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    10. Photo Sharing

    Whether you use Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, or one of the dozens of paid sites specifically for parents, your distant family and friends can get an up-to-the-minute look at your offspring. And in case you haven't realized how precious baby photos are, just look at these.

    How to take adorable baby pictures

  • Who Needs a Partner? 11 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    11. Who Needs a Partner?

    More and more adults are choosing single parenthood, whether through sperm donation, adoption, or other means. If you've been waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to walk through the door, remember that you have a choice. Plenty of loving families consist of just two people.

    The rise of "mommunes": single moms living with other single moms

  • Bringing Sexy Back 12 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    12. Bringing Sexy Back

    You may have to deal with more interruptions, but having a baby does not mean the death of your sex life. In fact, after that mandatory six-week post-baby hiatus, adults-only time often feels really good.

    7 ways to baby-proof your relationship

  • You May Be Jaded and Cynical… 13 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    13. You May Be Jaded and Cynical...

    But your baby's not. Watching him interact gleefully with a ceiling fan may just give you a whole new appreciation for the little things.

    Having a baby can change your life — if you let it

  • Blame It On Baby 14 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    14. Blame It On Baby

    If you tend to be a little on the late side for social events and really hate having to iron, guess what? Now you have a built-in excuse for tardiness, slovenly dressing, and a whole host of other things. "Sorry, but with the baby and all, it's practically impossible to [fill in the blank]." Hell, you'll even get to leave boring parties early!

    Kids: the ultimate excuse

  • Two Words: Halloween Candy 15 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    15. Two Words: Halloween Candy

    It's way less embarrassing to scarf down copious amounts of candy when it was given to your kid. By eating most of it yourself, you're saving your offspring from OD'ing on sugar (not to mention saving yourself some cash on dental bills.) Plus when you didn't pay for it, there are no calories, right?

    The 25 all-time greatest Halloween treats

  • Yes, You Can Still Eat Out 16 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    16. Yes, You Can Still Eat Out Did you know that many infants will sleep through the clatter at a restaurant, allowing you and the dinner companion of your choice to enjoy a decent meal in peace? It's true, we swear. 10 simple ways to teach your tot table manners
  • You’re Never Too Old 17 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    17. You're Never Too Old

    We're going to live forever — for sure, until we're 120. So, like, 30 is the new teen pregnancy. Eighty-year-old new grandparents will be the norm (and with those brand-new knees and hips, they're practically teens themselves!). So don't worry about being the oldest new mom in the world. You'll even live to see the grandkids graduate medical school — maybe kick in some funds from your retirement to pay for it.

    I'm almost 50 and I want to get pregnant — am I the only one?

  • Perfectionism Is Overrated 18 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    18. Perfectionism Is Overrated

    And it's pointless. So don't put so much pressure on yourself.

    I was a perfect parent … before I had kids

  • Hand-me-downs 19 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    19. Hand-me-downs

    If you have parent-friends, they're probably dying to give you their kids' old bulky swings, toys, and clothes. If not, free stuff abounds on Craigslist, Freecycle and local parenting groups.

    Hand-me-downs are the only clothes my kid knows

  • You Know More Than You Think 20 of 20

    20 Reasons to Have a Baby — Right Now

    20. You Know More Than You Think

    You can buy instructional DVDs and parenting manuals by the dozen, but the results will always be the same: The #1 expert on your baby will be you.

    10 new-mom fears you shouldn't worry about

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