Why We Should Stop Trying to Simulate Pregnancy and Labor on Men

Pregnant men?

Pregnant belly dresses, fake pregnancy weight suits, men strapping electrodes all over their body to simulate a woman experiencing contractions, and labor… Yes, all these things have been done in the past to help show men what it is like to be pregnant or actually give birth.

Unfortunately for the female gender, that will never really happen. Biology has taught us that our partners with the penises will never actually get pregnant, carry a pregnancy, or give birth… physically just not possible. 

But we should stop torturing the men in our lives trying to teach them what it is like to be pregnant, and instead we should take these teaching moments to actually show them how to support us during our pregnancies, not what it is actually like to be pregnant.

If we could put all the time and research we have put into these pregnancy body suits, and other medieval torture devices maybe we would end up with partners that were more supportive and understanding of what women are actually going through.


This man is going through what women would consider to be a close comparison to what contractions feel like, but what about the fact that he won’t actually “birth” or even possibly have a cesarean section?    It really is a teaching moment we lose for the novelty of inflicting pain on a man.

While there were points in my pregnancy that I really wished my husband was carrying our children and knew what it was like, I really wish he could have sympathized and actually known what I was going through… and was able to care for me on an understanding level rather than… suck it up, you will live… type of mentality.  But then again I am sure that was a lesson he learned in the Marines… the same lesson that went along with the tag line pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Thanks hunny, but I skipped Marine boot camp for a reason!

What kind of lessons did you wish your husband knew before you made it into labor and delivery?

photo: SCOTT

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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