Why You Need a Prenatal Massage

pI can count on one hand the number of professional massages I’ve gotten in my life. They are one of those very, very special treats that I don’t typically consider getting because they are so expensive. (I’m more likely to treat myself to a $25 pedicure than a $100 massage…)

That’s why I was so pumped this year when my mother-in-law got me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage or Mother’s Day! Woot! Unfortunately, giving me the gift card wasn’t enough to ensure that I’d actually go. My weekends in May and June are jam-packed and during the week I’ve got work and my two kids. A couple weeks went by and when I hadn’t yet booked it my MIL went ahead and set the whole thing up to make it easy for me. She took last Thursday afternoon off from work and I drove to her house with the two kids, basically kicked them out of the minivan at her, and then continued on to the spa for my massage.

I’m honestly not sure what was better–getting the massage, or knowing I was getting it on a weekday while someone else did potty runs and wrestled my kids down for nap.

When I got into the the massage room and got undressed I had a moment of nervousness. I’m feeling a lot like a beached whale these days and the thought of someone touching my swollen body suddenly didn’t seem all that appealing. Plus, I reasoned, I wasn’t even feeling all that terrible.

When the masseuse stepped in I told her that I was having some butt pain/sciatica, but that it wasn’t TOO bad. She then proceeded to spend a solid 15 minutes working on each of my butt cheeks. And it was awesome. She explained that by this stage of pregnancy (35 weeks) it doesn’t matter if I’m standing or sitting–my poor butt and lumbar are getting a ton of pressure from my midsection. And since I almost never fully recline during the day all those muscles are constantly tight and under stress. When it was all over I got up and walked (not waddled!) out of the spa. I felt soooo much better. I was actually able to get down on the floor and play Legos that afternoon with my kids without it being a big, painful production. I had not realized how bad the pain and discomfort had gotten until some of the tension was relieved.

So now I am a full convert. I will tell every single pregnant woman I know to go get a massage in her third trimester. With or without the butt massage.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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