Will Work For Food!

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I am HUNGRY! Not your average kind of hungry either. The kind of hungry that if I am not consistently feeding my face makes me want to run into my bathroom to hug the toilet bowl. Probably one of the worst pregnancy feelings!

Last night, my husband and I made our way to the grocery store with the children, and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Throwing everything under the sun in the cart.  Luna bars, cheese, fruit, nuts, frozen macaroni and cheese, my favorite breads, yogurt, and don’t forget the pickles… I mean, the list honestly goes on and on to the tune of over $290 between two stores.

I really thought I was losing my mind, until I started to talk to a friend of mine who is also in her early first trimester, and I realized, I am not foodzilla I am just a typically hungry pregnant woman trying to control her nausea by eating.

I always thought the last thing I should do when I was suffering from morning sickness was eat. With my oldest son, my first pregnancy, I was so sick. I refused to eat because I assumed if I did, it would all come back up, and if there is something in this world I hate more than being sick, it is actually vomiting. Appealing right? Something all women want to read about!

I got really lucky with my youngest son, I flew through the pregnancy with mild nausea in the first few weeks, and successfully went full term without any throwing up episodes. Yes, I was the pregnant woman I myself hated during my first pregnancy. And it really made me think that when people say every pregnancy is different… man they aren’t kidding!

This time around I am kind of middle of the road to my two previous pregnancies. I am not enjoying the amount I am having to eat because with two kids, I never have time for myself, but I am now forced to take the little time I do get for work to stuff my face at my laptop.

At least I have the motherhood multitasking down… Haha!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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