Will You Let Kids Hold Your Baby?

Very few people held her until she was quite a bit older than this!

We’re around kids a lot these days, since our kids have their own friends and such.  Which means that after this baby is born, there will likely be kids who will want to hold the baby.

Different moms have different rules about this.  Some say, “Eh, as long as they’re generally careful, sure!”  Others say “No way, no children can touch my baby!”

And it tends to differ based on which baby it is too (i.e. your first vs. your fifth or so).  But of course that’s no guarantee either.

How do you feel about kids holding your baby?

With my first baby, it truthfully made me nervous to hand her to anyone outside the family.  I had no problem with the grandparents holding her.  And I would occasionally agree to let other adults hold her, but I hovered until they were done.  I’m not sure anyone under 18 held her at all until she was close to a year…and certainly not without an adult sitting right next to them!  It didn’t help that from two months on, she’d cry if anyone other than me tried to hold her.

My son, though…as long as they seemed reasonably competent or had help, I let people hold him.  I let friends’ kids hold him as long as someone was sitting nearby.  I was still slightly nervous, but not nearly as much.  I was more nervous in case he cried or something — I wanted to be able to swoop in and help him (call it mother’s instinct).  To be fair, if I’m holding someone else’s newborn and it cries, I will usually immediately hand the baby back, because I assume that baby needs mom!

This time I’m sure I’ll still be cautious…especially in the first few weeks when the baby is really new.  But I’m not opposed to kids holding the baby, as long as they’re sitting down and have an adult nearby to help (especially if they’re under 5 or 6, which of course most kids we ‘hang out’ with are).

All that said, I know moms (usually first-time moms) who would not even let kids touch the baby, or even get too close!

What do you think?  Do you or will you let people hold your new baby?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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