Winter Pregnancies Are So Much Kinder

PregnanciesI’ve been pregnant before and while they were all pretty much within the same time frame, I do have a preference for the season.

I have two kids who were born in February, another born in December, and guess what? Baby #4 is due in December too. Though we tried for a while to have a specific season for this child’s birthday, infertility struck and we just wanted to get pregnant and forgot the notion of being able to plan it.

While there isn’t a whole lot of time between when the kids are born, those few months make a huge difference in terms of my pregnancy. February-born babies get you through most of the summer without being too pregnant and with the “baby heater” on in the winter, the cold isn’t too terrible. December-born babies have me 6 months pregnant at the end of summer and where I live, the summers are not kind.

Take today for example: the humidity is sitting at 94% and we’ve reached a temperature of 111ºF (for my fellow Canadians, that’s 44ºC). I live in a house without central air and four bodies sitting at home all the time (my three kids are home on summer break). Last month I told my husband that I was on strike from doing anything until we got ourselves a portable air conditioner, so at least we have that now. It’s keeping the main room cooler than the rest of the house.

I know that people think that no one is ever happy with the weather, complaining if it’s too hot and/or when it’s too cold. But that’s not me. I have never gotten along with the heat (since I was a small child), I hate the sun, don’t live with a pool, and the humidity really messes my body up. (Brain fog!) Add being pregnant into the mix and it can feel like torture. So we’re stuck in the house where I can’t go insane from the wet heat.

The winter is so much kinder—yes, even the Canadian winter. Honestly it’s not that bad. My metabolism always seems to be super high when I’m pregnant and my “baby heater” keeps me warm. I am the “crazy one” walking around outside without a coat on and as happy as can be.

:: Do you prefer summer pregnancies or winter pregnancies? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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