Wives Tales Lie!

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I have always been interested in the old wives tales that you read about online for guessing if you are going to have a boy or girl. Because seriously… who wants to wait till their 20 week ultrasound to find out?  I certainly dont!

From Intelligender, to the Chinese Gender Chart, and everything in between, if I had followed all of these, I should have two little girls. Which clearly is not the case in my testosterone filled household.

I am seriously out numbered… Counting even our pets, it is three women to five men, and possibly another!  I am not sure what I will do with another son. Of course I know how to handle boys, I think I have been doing an o.k. job with the two I already have. They are still kickin’ aren’t they?

As of yesterday I scheduled our big ultrasound for December 9th. I am excited, anxious, nervous, and any other emotion I could come up with to describe my form of fright. I blogged about my want for a little girl back in September, but I am not sure I still want a little girl. So many unknowns. New adventures, new baby gear, all the pink clothes I could physically purchase… but on the other end of my thought process a third, and last little boy would make life so much easier. We have enough little boy clothes to go around with the two oldest, and my clothes hoarding. Not only that but my youngest was also born in May. Seasons will match perfectly.

On the other end, with this being our last child, I still long for a daughter, as does my husband.

Onto some of my favorite old wives tales I proved wrong with my two babies that were never supposed to have junk.

The Heart Rate:
If your little one has a heart rate over 140 beats per minute of BPM it will for sure be a little girl. Anything under 140 will score you a little man.
Both of my boys always ranged in the 150 or 160’s so I guess that is out the window!

The way you carry:
If you carry low, and out front, with a smaller belly you will be having a boy, and for a girl higher, with a big round belly.
Wrongo again!  My boys always stayed high, and round.

Your Face:
If your face is fuller and rounder during pregnancy, you will have a little girl, for a boy expect a longer and more narrow face.
Um, I missed that memo too!  I always looked like I was on the verge of being an Oompa Loompa minus the orange face paint!

Apparently drano is no longer just for clearing our your pipes!  This tale says if you pee in drano and it turns green you will have a little girl, and if it turns blue, it is a boy.
Unfortunately, I have never taken the time to pee into a toxic chemical, and I think I will pass this time around too!

Chinese Gender Chart:
The Chinese Gender chart is supposed to be around 90% accurate although I think it is full of crap!  It goes by the mothers age at conception, and and the month in which she got pregnant.
For both of my children, it said girl, and this baby it says boy. We’ll see but it has been wrong twice for me so I am not putting too much stock into it!

All-in-all I am sick of waiting to find out.

Only 5 more weeks, hopefully, and we will know, but if this child is anything like my second son, we will need to pay for an elective gender ultrasound to find out what we are having. He was too preoccupied with standing up and playing around during the ultrasound that sitting on his butt and giving us a good view.

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