Woman Continues to Get Pregnant Despite Contraception

For many women, getting a positive pregnancy test is a dream come true. It may have taken months or even years to conceive a child and finally they are getting results that they have long awaited for.

For Gemma Potter, the last thing she wants to see is a plus sign on her pregnancy test. The 23-year-old mother from Essex, England has been pregnant seven times in the past six years, despite using several forms of contraception. Some are even coining her and her husband, Glenn, “the most fertile couple in the entire world.”

Potter and her husband have tried various forms of contraception including condoms, the Pill, the coil, progestogen injections and an implant.  Despite the contraception, Potter has gotten pregnant seven times, three of which resulted in miscarriage.  Potter, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, has seen several doctors, none of which are taking her situation seriously.

Not only is her fertility problem affecting her life, but it has affected both her marriage and her social life. She told The Sun, “I can’t stop getting pregnant. I love my kids but I don’t want more.  I can’t go out with my friends or have a drink as I’m constantly pregnant. I’ve also missed out on having a job or any career.”

While I understand Potter might have tried various forms of birth control methods, I don’t think that she has fully gone to the extent that she can if she really wants to stop getting pregnant. To my knowledge, her husband has not consulted a doctor regarding a vasectomy, a permanent form of birth control. There are also other methods of birth control for women that  she hasn’t tried including an intrauterine device (IUD) or a more permanent method of tubal ligation.

I am very sympathetic to the fact that she has experienced the losses during her pregnancy. No matter how far along you are in pregnancy, dealing with a miscarriage is heartbreaking.

I do find it hard to feel sorry for her if she hasn’t fully exhausted all of her options. My husband and I have had no problem conceiving our children. In fact, I  got pregnant with my first daughter while using the birth control pill. Although I thought that I was using the pill correctly, I was not and it resulted in a pregnancy.  For my second child, I knew that the birth control pill wasn’t going to be an effective method, so I opted for the IUD.  If that didn’t work, I would have tried something else.

If she and her husband both truly want to stop getting pregnant, why not opt for a more permanent method of birth control?

What are your thoughts?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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